Sunday, July 04, 2010

Forth of July Weekend
We were planning on having a Japanese family over for dinner on the 4th of July but two of their kids ended up pretty sick. So we invited over another American family over for steaks and hot dogs. Of course the hot dogs were for the kids! Unfortunately it was raining that day (all day long) and we were going to grill, so Eric (with the help of the girls) stood outside with an umbrella until the coals were ready. Here are the girls looking cute in the rain.

I think Eric is excited about the prospect of returning to America. We'll see our gas grill again among lots of other things that are in storage.

The following day was actually forth of July and we had good weather for it. It was actually too hot and sunny for us to feel motivated enough to take the girls to a park so we stayed home and played inside where the air conditioner ran nearly all day. Feels good to dry out every once in awhile. We grilled some chicken that night before walking to our neighborhood store for some ice cream and fireworks. Sounds like a good forth of July to me!
Here are the girls enjoying their kid fireworks.
I remember Chloe being afraid of fireworks last year. This time around she couldn't get enough of them.

I had to leave the shutter open to get a good picture of this type of firework. It's probably Eric's and my favorite, they are so neat!
The only firework Eric and I took a turn with.
I enjoyed my weekend, other than Chloe waking up at 5:45 Saturday morning. That's not the best beginning to a weekend. Eric and I had to sit down and map out the rest of the month. We want to get as many of our friends over for one last dinner this month or August because we'll be moving sometime September or October. Also, we're hoping to be gone most of August. Eric's putting together two separate trips that include camping, staying at military bases or hotels, and site seeing different cities we've yet to see. More on that when we get closer because details have yet to be ironed out. I feel like we are just waiting for a lot of things, mostly to find out where we are moving to. It's not far away!


Jill said...

It rained on our 4th of July too.

Jen said...

I love the picture of Etta with the blue umbrella. :)