Monday, July 12, 2010

Chloe's Three Now!
I can't wrap my brain around the fact that my daughters are growing before my eyes. It's when I sit down to look at past pictures do I realize that they have indeed changed. I felt like looking back at July pictures since Chloe arrived and here are my favorites.

July 2007: When I think back to this day, I remind myself that it was an uncommonly easy delivery. Three weeks before my due date I was induced because my Dr. warned me that otherwise Chloe would be born in the backseat of my car since I had started effacing 5 or 6 weeks prior. So, a little medication, a little reading, a little nap, two pushes and two minutes later, Chloe was born. Unfortunately that was the only thing Chloe has made easy on us! She's a little hellion!July 2008: Chloe turns one and we pack out of our house in Monterey to begin our journey in Japan. It was a big month for the family. I just love those blue eyes and her smile (when she wants to smile for the camera that is).
July 2009: We took a trip to Yokota for her check up and to pick up mail so we were fortunate to pick up an ice cream cake for her birthday. We had a blast watching the girls pig out on Baskin Robbins.
July 2010: Sunday was family day at our house. The girls played in the pool, collected pillbugs, watched daddy work on Chloe's new frog bed, and just had fun with each other. Here's Chloe being silly after playing in the pool.
We'll be celebrating her birthday again on Saturday with a few friends. The thing Chloe is looking forward to the most? The Dora cake I'll be making. Pictures to come of course!


Pam said...

Can't believe that our big girl is three already!! I was just in Montery when you had her ;) Happy Birthday big girl. You'll have B-Day presents from Grandma and Poppy when you go get your mail up at Yakota!!!!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Chloe! I can't believe how much she's grown - and I swear she gets cuter every year too. :)

Vicki said...

I cannot believe she's 3! What a cutie! I really look forward to seeing her again, and getting to know the girl's better in general.

I know they'll love me, too. All the kids love me because I always have dessert! :)

Christy said...

You are so funny Vicki! I can't wait for the girls to see everyone. Hope it's soon. I'll meet W for the first time too...crazy!