Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chloe's Birthday Party
I sure didn't plan on blogging this early in the morning but Chloe decided to wake up at 5:30 this morning then preceded to wake up her sister. We ignored them as long as possible but I had to get up around 6am to actually parent them. I've been grumpy every since. I just did not get enough sleep last night.
We planned for a cake and ice cream party for just several friends. 3pm and everyone had arrived. We had the bounce house up for a few minutes and then received requests for the pool. We really didn't expect the extra time to use the pool during the party so Eric had to pump it up and get water in there. Riko borrowed one of Etta's swimsuits and Kousuke (the only boy) ended up borrowing one of Chloe's. You'll notice him in the blue Ariel suit and giant water gun. He was happy to play along with everyone else though. On a side note, every time he comes to play with Chloe he goes through her clothes. His mom tells me he even tries wearing Moko's clothes at home. He's so funny.

I love this picture because Etta seems overjoyed
The squeals of lots of little girls rang from our backyard. Poor neighbors.
The sprinkler was a hit. The moms said that they don't have sprinklers like this here in Japan.

These three left the pool early and opted for the bounce house again. We didn't take a picture when all 6 of the big kids were in just because we figured that was proof of our bad parenting (only three kids are supposed to be allowed at one time).
Cake and ice cream time, as demanded by every kid in attendance.
I had to use ingredients I had on hand so it didn't come out exactly like the picture, but close enough to make Chloe happy. That's all that matters!
Eric and I laughed while signing Happy Birthday because Chloe was sucking on her juice box the entire time, seemingly oblivious to what was going on around her.
Blowing out her candle, only took two tries.
Etta and Chloe have been looking forward to the Dora cake for months (since I ordered the pan)!
Her favorite present, a Taiko music book from Aya and Riko.
Bubbles, squirt guns, bubble guns! What kid doesn't like those?
Check out the Dora pinata Eric put together. He's so creative! I would have bought one if either Atsugi or Yokota had one, but no such luck. It took Eric a few hours to make it and get it to work properly, but it's perfect. I hope Etta wants a Dora party for her fifth birthday so we can use it again.
Here are a few pictures of pulling the strings from the pinata.

I'm happy to say everyone got to pull two times before Kousuke got the right string. The kids had a great time picking up the candy and crafts we put inside.
Everyone filling their goody bags with candy and stuff.
Chloe showing off her booty.
From left to right, Riko, Ami, Etta, Moko, Chloe, Kousuke, Maaya.
Eric rolling up the bounce house.
Who's in there??? Piggy in the blanket...Etta.
Ami thought it looked like too much fun to pass up.
The party lasted an hour longer than we had planned but the kids were having too much fun to kick them out. They were bouncing off the walls when they left at 6pm. I hope their parents limited the candy, otherwise they would never go to bed. I had a great time seeing the kids having so much fun. That makes all the work putting a party together worth it. Good thing I have another 6 months before Etta's birthday!

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Jen said...

Looks like fun! The cake turned out great. :)