Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Better Bentos Week Six
I'm writing this early because I don't have to make a bento tomorrow...woohoo! Once a month the school orders bentos for the kids. So, that means Etta will probably come home hungry tomorrow. If you think I put some strange foods into her bento, you need to see more traditional Japanese food!
I'm still shooting for new main dishes for Etta's bento. Mainly because I think it's great for Etta to widen her food repertoire and also because summer break is quickly approaching and we'll be taking a long hiatus on bento making and eating. Here are the four bentos I made this week.
Monday: I had fun making this thick roll that is supposed to resemble a flower. All it takes is a half sheet of nori, some cooked spinach (I used green beans because our kids aren't big on spinach yet), shredded thin omelet, and salmon. Obviously there are some important steps I'm leaving out but I figure most of you reading this won't be planning on making this. But, if you are interested just let me know and I'll give you detailed instructions. Let me just say, Etta loved this. Chloe, not so much.

Tuesday: So I had left over salmon from the day before so I wanted to use it up. I mixed it with rice and made an onigiri (that looked pink) decorated like a pig. I wish I had larger carrots at the time, but oh well, it still turned out cute. I also dyed and decorated a hard boiled quail egg to look like a little pig. This bento went over well with both the girls.

Wednesday: Warning, mom likes this bento more than the kids. I took some of my frozen meatballs I made last week and browned it then placed it on top of rice. Also with shredded omelet and chopped up edamame (the cookbook used shredded cucumber but I knew both the girls would turn their noses up at that). It's supposed to resemble the dirt, a tunnel, and grass with a beetle too. Everything went over well with the girls but the meat. Which I find funny since Chloe likes the meatballs and Etta will eat that meat when it's around a hard boiled quail egg. Sometimes I just can't figure out my own kids.

Etta is checking out her finished bento before getting packed up in her backpack.
Thursday: I feel bad, I actually had told Etta I'd make something else for her bento Thursday but completely forgot about it and made an Anpanman onigiri instead. She was a little upset but then was happy to see Anpanman. So, I made it up to her by confirming she'll get the other one next week (stay tuned!). This doesn't look exactly right because his nose and cheeks should be red. Have any suggestion for a good alternative? I used carrots but the cookbook uses crispy pickled plums (umeboshi). Yeah, Etta would definitely say no to that.

That's all I've got for this week. Etta doesn't have many full days of school left before the start of summer break which really is the beginning of the end of our stay in Japan. If you are bored with my bento posts, I apologize but you'll see an end to them soon enough. It kind of pains me to say that because so much will change in the near future for us (it's always sad saying good bye and moving to something new and different). We're on pins and needles waiting to find out when and where we're headed.

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Jen said...

They look usual! I'll have to post a picture of a silly little snack I made for Jade, inspired by you. :)