Thursday, July 01, 2010

Better Bentos Week Five
This week was great! I only had to make three days worth of bentos. It really makes mornings much easier when I don't have to make a breakfast and lunch as well as get Etta ready for school. It's so nice to have Eric around to help out in that respect. It will be so strange when Eric goes back to having a normal job (normal as in gone 5 to 6 days out of the week rather than being home most of the time, not necessarily a normal job).

Monday: Etta loves onigiri (of course with salmon inside) so I opted to make a new kind, a panda. I was having such a hard time making the ears I skipped a step on the eyes and left it as is. The bento book of course has perfect panda ears and I just could not get the nori to wrap around it. So, if I make it again I think I'll rip strips of nori and just use a bunch of little ones (like when I made the makurokurosuke). The fired ramen noodles weren't holding the ears in place and I've found that uncooked spaghetti works great. I also made some homemade meatballs made with turkey. You'll also see pink quail eggs that look like cherries. The kids love those. Chloes has some raw sweet peas and blueberries, Etta's has steamed green beans and cherries.
Tuesday was a cooking day at preschool. The two upper classes got to make curry rice which is an extremely popular food here in Japan. Of course I knew Etta wasn't going to eat the curry (see is opposed to curry) so I put a large portion of rice in her bento plus some fruit. What an easy day. Plus, I was right about her not eating the curry.\

Wednesday: Chloe and I left for Atsugi Navy base Wednesday so I had to make Etta's bento the day before. So, I picked foods that I knew would keep well for 24 hours. I made another cat onigiri, like the one I didn't take a picture of a week or two ago. The ears are the only thing that didn't turn out well this time. The book calls for steamed fish product to be cut out into large ears but that's something Etta may be freaked out by. I like to use carrots instead, but all I had left were real small ones. So, the ears were just small this time around. Regardless, it was eaten. I also had rolled omelet cut into heart shapes, sausage and quail egg made to look like a flower, edamame, green beans, and blueberries.
Thursday the kids celebrated birthdays for the month. They read a book on polar bears then made pancakes in the shape of polar bears for lunch. I knew Etta wouldn't have any problems with that school lunch. The teachers are still commenting on her eating three pancakes that day.
Friday: Funny how some lunches just don't go according to plan. These sandwiches were supposed to be rolled up but the bread thought otherwise. I ended up making a cheese, a turkey, and a salmon salad (they both love salmon so I thought it would go over better than tuna) bite sized sandwiches. I also covered hard boiled quail eggs in the homemade meatballs then cooked them in a frying pan. On the far right I mashed a potato with a little bit of butter and sugar then wrapped it in plastic wrap to cool overnight. This morning it was a nice firm ball and I put raisins on it for eye balls. I skipped the mouth made out of apple peel. Since I recently went to Atsugi, we had blackberries to eat. Yummy!

I heard next week the school is ordering lunches one day. I already look forward to making only 4 bentos next week. Not many school days left until summer break and that's it for Etta going to school here. Before you know it, we'll be moving. Sure would be nice to know where...

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Pam said...

I like the new cover photo of the girls playing outside with the pool. Loved the other one of Mt Fuji, but it's nice to see new photos. I can't get over how cute you make the girls lunches. I'm sure that is why Etta is eating all her lunch, for the most part. Plus she helps pick them out!