Friday, July 16, 2010

Better Bentos Week 7

I should have posted this sooner since I was done making bentos by Wednesday, but I just plain forgot until now. Thursday and Friday were half days due to parent teacher conferences in the afternoon. Next Monday is a holiday, therefore no school, Tuesday is Etta's last full day of school followed by a summer festival, then Wednesday and Thursdays are half days again, then summer break. If you can read between the lines, I only have one more bento to make before summer break. I'm not sure if that will be Etta's last lunch at Kuno Youchien or not. Since we aren't sure when or where we are going (could be in 4 weeks, could be in three months), we were just planning on having closure for Etta and leave preschool at summer break. Now the principal has said Etta is more than welcome to come back even if it's for a week or two before we move. It sure would be nice to have an answer for them! But, they are at work during the summer and they'll be one of the first to know are intentions.
Wow, I digressed. Let me show you what I made this week.
Monday: I made 6 little onigiri (nothing inside) and rolled them in shredded nori and different types of furikake; then skewered them (the cookbook showed them rolled in ground nori, ground white sesame seed, and ground black sesame seeds). My goal was mostly round foods so I put in cherries, a quail eggs that looks like a cherry, and shelled edamame. Etta loved this bento, Chloe was just so so.Tuesday: I was determined to use what I had on hand rather than go to the store to pick up ingredients (like salmon). I found some cheese filled sausages in the freezer and decided to make this sushi roll again. I also covered a hard boiled quail egg in a meatball and browned it. I had some left over pasta and chicken nuggets too.
Wednesday: Still not going to the store! I mixed some fresh rice with some salmon wakame, placed a round slice of cheese on top, nori eyes and hair, and a piece of turkey for the mouth. Always a hit with the girls. I made a rolled omelet then cut it to make heart shapes. Chloe wanted an octopus sausage and Etta requested a crab. Melon balls for dessert!
So, I suppose I better make one heck of a bento Tuesday. I wonder if I'll fall back on an oldie or shoot for something new. That will be a short post next week! Come back soon, Chloe's birthday party is tomorrow.

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