Sunday, June 27, 2010

Imohori-Potato Dig
In March, we went bamboo shoot digging with several families. The girls also helped plant some potatoes at their house that afternoon. We got a call not too long ago inviting us to help dig them up and have lunch with them. Of course we said yes because we enjoy doing stuff that's very Japanese (we won't have the chance to do this much longer!).
Unfortunately it's rainy season and has been raining all weekend. We were prepared though. Here are some pictures of us, friends from Etta's preschool, and the family that invited us to the dig.
The first thing I found wasn't a potato, it was a gigantic worm! The girls love playing with worms; here's Etta holding it.
Eric's first dig.
Miu-chan and Etta trying to dig up some potatoes
Here's some!
Etta enjoyed taking them from the patch to the bucket.
Chloe wouldn't use the little shovel, she insisted on Eric's large one.
Miu is just darn cute
Etta and one of her prize finds (with a striking pose).
The girls' found a snail nearby and they each took turns holding it.
Up close and personal with Mr Snail.
Chloe wouldn't rest until she had a chance to hold it too.
I sneaked this shot of Miu
After digging up the potatoes it stopped raining, of course. We had a great lunch of kakuni, Chinese sashimi salad, roasted veggies in a sweet soy sauce, stuffed chicken, fresh asparagus, and of course freshly boiled potatoes. The kids got to eat their choice of onigiri, sandwiches, and hambagu. We finished with the eclair cake I brought over.
After lunch we went looking for some fruit but unfortunately couldn't reach the biwa/loquat from the ground. So we went and picked several lemons which we got to bring home. Of course the lemon tree we were cutting from had a snake in it. The kids got a kick out of seeing that. We went back to the house and cut off all the green beans (a Mongolian type), picked a few tomatoes, and cucumbers too. The kids had a blast playing in the fields, chasing bugs, and checking out their old Japanese home. I enjoyed hearing about all the fruits and vegetables they had at their home, including wild plants that are edible. One persimmon tree there is older than his dad, he estimates just under 100 years old. He said they are extremely sweet. I wish it was persimmon season!
We had a great time and came home with lots of left over lunch and tons of veggies. We've invited them to an All American BBQ at our house next month. These are the times I think to myself, "I'm going to miss Japan." It's fun getting to know Japanese people and how they live.

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Sounds like a fun day!! When do you hear about your next placement?