Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Family Day at Kuno Youchien
Sunday was family day at Etta's preschool. Mostly just the dad's showed up with their kids, but there were a handful of moms including myself. Etta came to school like normal and we got to see her daily routine; putting her thermos, hand towel, cup, and smock where it's supposed to go as well as playing together.
Etta is hanging her hand towel up. This is for drying after they've washed their hands. Each kid has their own they bring each day.
Chloe is playing in the toy kitchen while Etta is finishing her routine.
The girls opted to make colorful water rather than play on the equipment. Etta frequently comes home with bottles of colored water so I got to see first hand how she makes it. There are cups of colored powder the kids add to soapy water. Then whisks it up to make colored bubbles then pour them into bottles to take home.
Etta with her teacher, Tamaji sensei
Etta and Chloe pouring their creation into bottles.
Etta helping Chloe with all the bubbles stuck in the funnel.
Etta calls this her strawberry juice.
Just too cute to leave out.
Etta's principal talking with Chloe.
After playing outside we went upstairs for the rest of the family day. They had all the guys line up in two rows holding hands with the person across from them. Each of the kids got bounced down the line. Here's Etta taking a turn. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to change the setting on the camera so it came out blurry. She laughed all the way down the line.
Then the kids got to chase down their daddy and pull the newspaper off them. Again, Etta laughed the entire time.
Dads got to make paper airplanes for their kids to shoot through targets. Here's Chloe completely cheating.
I love this action picture. As you can tell, Chloe's airplane went no where near the target.
"You can't expect me to actually throw it through that little hole."
All the students singing.
Etta presented Eric a picture she made of him.
It was just before lunch when family day ended so we continued our bike ride to Miho, the next town over. About 30 minutes later (thanks to the head wind) we made it to one of the little cafes we enjoy going to. We ate some ramen, soba, and oden. No trip would be complete without some ice cream, it's been at least several weeks!
Based on this look you'd think she didn't like the chocolate ice cream, but she did eat it all.
Eric and I split the banana chocolate ice cream, a new flavor. It was good but grainy. I liked the kids' better.
The beach is just in front of the row of cafes so of course the kids wanted to play around. The current is too strong there for swimming so we let the girls run around first then they got their feet wet.

half the time was spent throwing rocks into the water
Another one of those "if looks could kill."
They were officially wet after this.
By then it was way into Chloe's nap time so we left for home. Family day at school, lunch at a cafe, some beach time, and 14 miles on the bike in one day. It was exhausting, but lots of fun.

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