Monday, June 07, 2010

Family Camping
We haven't camped in over a year! We remember the last time as if it was yesterday. We went to the spot we've camped at before and just as we were pulling into the long drive, Chloe and Etta both start throwing up. Sixty seconds later we park and clean them up. The rest of the day was fun because we celebrated Easter by hiding candy filled eggs at the camping spot. The girls were great. Then came 3am and Chloe decided she was just going to keep screaming. Nothing we did helped calm her down. So, we made the decision to pack up the camp and leave. We were on the road home at 4:30am and the girls fell asleep about 3 minutes after the car started moving and Nemo playing on the DVD player. Needless to say, that's why it's been a year since we've gone camping.
Since Chloe has had a year to mature (and boy the change has been dramatic) we figured it was time to give it a shot again. We were nervous about going back to the previous spot (too many bad memories) so Eric looked online for an actual campground. He found one called Luna Luna, in the mountains overlooking Shizuoka city. It was about a 75 minute drive from our place and was quite scenic. The girls were full of motion sickness medication which obviously helped. When we got there to check in, we were informed we had the campsite to ourselves. Turns out it's only busy during long weekends and such. I can understand because it's a lot of work to prep for one night of camping. It's almost the same amount of prep for two or more days.
We took the best camp site and didn't worry about where everything went. We even took up another campsite and parked down the road. We're so American!
The tent is huge, it fits two queen blow up beds and still has room in the middle for another one. That's just pathetic! The ground was so rocky we ended up tying the rain fly to the van.
After taking a walk around the site Eric got the grill ready for dinner.
The girls in the dining area staying away from the bugs.
Our set up.
I think the girls enjoy camping because of the non-nutritious food served.
Grilled corn perfectly cooked, good job Eric!
Making S'mores. Etta is loving them, Chloe just wants the chocolate.
Toasting marshmallows
typical peace sign from Etta
Etta and Chloe playing with a water pack. They ended up pretty wet by the time we left.
A little soccer practice. Yes, that's a yurt in the background which can be rented.

The view from our camp site.
As for the night time, it went better than last time! The girls fell asleep quite easily by 8:30pm but were awake with the sun and the birds. They kept themselves entertained for quite awhile in their bed until 5:30am, then they were determined to get up and play. It was just way to early for me. I can truly say I wanted a cup of coffee but I had forgotten the coffee press (yet everything else we needed ended up in the car!). We're ready for another camping trip and hopefully next time to a place that has more activities for kids.


Jen said...

I'm so glad it went better this time! Jade has not been camping yet...someday I hope to take her!

Pam said...

I'm glad the girls did better this time. Might as well go for two nights next time, since you take enough stuff with you!! Just have enough food and you're set.

Jill said...

I want a smore or two. Do you have to worry about any wildlife?

Christy said...

Not much wildlife around here. Eric says there are bears in Japan, but very few. I think the only thing we might come across would be snakes of wild pigs. The only annoying thing we saw were bugs.
BTW I didn't mention that Etta threw up on the way home. She followed that with a three hour nap though. That made up for the throwing up.