Thursday, June 10, 2010

Better Bentos Week Two
I figure in case someone would like creative lunches but don't want to buy a bento cookbook, I might as well include these. I don't always adhere to the book, I typically have to alter for what we have on hand or what the girls specifically prefer.
Monday: Hello Kitty onigiri with salmon in the the middle, pasta salad with turkey and veggies cut out into cute shapes, edamame, melon balls, and sausage with quail eggs in the middle.

Tuesday: rice with salmon underneath with a girls face on top (cheese face, salmon cheeks, turkey mouth, nori eyes and hair), melon balls, rolled omelet with veggies inside,and steamed green beans. Unfortunately the egg came back. Funny since she ate the plain one last week.
Wednesday: I was looking forward to making this one. It's a sushi roll with cheese filled sausage in the middle, steamed edamame, dyed quail eggs made to look like cherries, and grapes. Everything was a hit in this bento. Chloe didn't eat anything at lunch time so I brought it back out for dinner and Etta went to eat what was left over but Chloe decided she wanted to eat it too. Thankfully they shared peacefully.
Thursday: I was surprised to see grilled cheese and ham in the bento cookbook. I changed it to a grilled turkey and cheese, steamed carrots and green beans, quail egg dyed and decorated to look like the sun, crab made from a sausage, and the last strawberries from Shizuoka we'll eat. They're out of season now.
Friday: Etta's been asking for all the fun shaped onigiri so I thought I should try out the dog. It's a salmon onigiri with little sausage ears and nose, nori eyes and mouth, and black sesame seeds for whiskers. On the side is rolled omelet with nori and cheese inside (this came back too, I might give up on all but the plain rolled omelet), steamed green beans, and a wedge of apple cut to look like a tulip.
I hope this post gives you some creativity in your kids' lunch next week (if you are as unfortunately as myself and have to make your kids' lunch!)

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