Friday, June 25, 2010

Better Bentos- Week Four

Monday: Etta started the week off demanding an old favorite, quail eggs decorated to look like tulips. Etta taught me a new word "churippu", which is the Japanese way of saying tulip. She kept saying that word and I had no idea what she was saying. She ended up drawing a tulip so that I would understand her. I think this is her all time favorite bento.

Tuesday: I recently picked up some small cut outs, small enough for little sandwiches. This time they looked much better. I made an egg salad, cheese (little bear cut out), and a blueberry jam sandwich. The egg salad came back even though Etta asked for it. I'll keep trying new things though.
Wednesday: Etta's been asking for this one for awhile now. The one in the cookbook uses curry rice and curried quail eggs but I was certain Etta would not go for it. So, she ended up with plain rice under the slice of turkey and the eggs were dyed yellow instead. It was slightly boring but the girls got a kick out of this one. Next time I might try making the alien from Toy Story!

Thursday: I thought these were cute. Place a design of sliced green beans, thin omelet cut into cute shapes, and salmon onto plastic wrap them place a rice ball on top. Even though Etta normally eats green beans, she decided not to eat them with her rice ball that day. I also used a different sausage to make the octopus, well it didn't turn out. I'm not sure I'll be able to find those red ones when we return to America. Check out the rolled egg omelet shaped like a heart. Etta digs those! Unfortunately Chloe has no interest in them.

Friday: My creativity was running slim this day. I did rice with furikake and nori (stamped out in the shape of rabbits). I made a winter squash ball rolled in black sesame seeds. Neither of the girls ate it and I'm not surprised about that. They are trying some of the new food, but lately I've had more misses than hits. If you have any suggestions to add to the bento, let me know. I'm up for the little side dishes as well as the main dish. I only have one more month of Japanese bentos left before Etta is out for summer and then we'll be moving. I want to get in as much as I can before then!


Vicki said...

OK, you've never said how long it takes to make those bentos! They seem very time consuming.

Christy said...

If I started the clock from the very beginning to end, it would probably look bad. But, I typically have the rice set to be done at 7am or I'll make the rice ball in the evening after they go to bed and decorate it in the morning. Boiling of eggs doesn't take long and I can do those things while we eat breakfast. Same goes with steaming the sausages and veggies. The cookbook usually lists 15-20 minutes, but I think that it would take that long if you had everything cooked and just counted putting everything together.