Friday, May 07, 2010

Rakujuen Park, Mishima Japan
We finally had a clear day for us to take a trip to Mishima where there is a children and garden park right outside of the local train station. We got packed up, put the girls on our bikes, biked to the Shizuoka train station, and took the next train to Mishima. We took the local commuter train so it took an hour with about 15-20 stops along the way. The girls did really well though. I think they were looking forward to a day centered around them!
There is a small zoo like area, a bunch of little rides that cost 100yen each (about $1), comedy show, food, and of course lots of gardens.
Free pony rides for kids 4 and older
Funny mirrors
an old train, the girls got to play inside and play train conductor
sometimes this area is covered by water
time to play with the rides, a little shinkansen. We looked for rides that they both could ride at the same time. Much better to spend a 100yen total for one ride.

They really liked this ride! A little airplane that went around in circles real high.

Who doesn't love Thomas the train?
Etta looks nearly bored
Can you see the girls' faces? This guy went around in a big circle.
The girls were adamant that this be their last ride, a princess carriage. It really didn't do much other than move back and forth and play lots of music. But they were happy pushing buttons.
We walked around the park area then had lunch. Before we knew it, it was late afternoon and the girls were grumpy and tired. We decided we'd take the shinkansen back to Shizuoka which was about a 30 minute ride. It was over before we knew it! The girls were great on the way home and the day trip was a success.
Having a snack on their way home
A little video clip of our time at Mishima

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