Monday, May 31, 2010

Etta's Gymnastics Class
Eric took Etta to gymnastics two weekends ago and brought along the camera. Here are some of the shots he took throughout the lesson.
Etta is so tiny compared to all the big kids. We really like how she is the only one in focus in this picture.
The younger kids run together for several minutes around and around the gym.
This is one of Etta's favorite friends, Moko-chan. She is also in Etta's class at Kuno Youchien.
getting tired!
Yumi-chan; she went to Etta's school last year. Etta loves seeing her at gym on Saturdays.
Etta's turn to take a break while all the big kids run off some energy.
so cute
practicing the front roll

Now the backwards roll

Etta needs some practice on that one! Sometimes I think she'd rather not go to gymnastics but when we ask her if she'd wants to stop going see says no. How does a parent decide to stop a sport? Regardless, we only have several more months so we don't have to worry about it for long. We're thinking she'll stop ballet within the next month or so. She loves swim so much I expect we'll be going for as long as we can. Hopefully where ever we move to next will have swim lessons year round like here. We've been spoiled here. Hope you enjoyed a little of Etta today.

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