Friday, May 14, 2010

Awashima Marine Park

Just before Golden Week, Etta had a day off of school. The day prior to the day off, we picked up Etta after school and drove to Atusgi Naval Base and stayed the night. We did the normal shopping that and enjoyed the evening on base. Etta and Chloe shared a bed for the first time and we heard them chatter away for 90 minutes before falling asleep! Chloe had her playgroup the following morning which she always enjoys. I really wish we had the opportunity to go more frequently, I think it would help her speaking progress quicker. After the playgroup and a lunch at Subway, we headed to Awashima Marine Park. It's just down the road from another aquarium we've been to two other times (Izu-Mito Sea Paradise in Numazu) and roughly in the direction of Shizuoka from Atsugi. It's nice to break up the drive with the kids.
Awashima is an island just a few minute ferry ride from shore. On the island there is a hotel (which we didn't check out) and an aquarium. It's not as big or impressive as the Sea Paradise down the street, but it was fun. The most impressive part of the aquarium was the sea lion show. It was by far the best sea lion show we've ever seen. It wasn't a large pool, but the two sea lions did quite a few tricks and Fuji was in the background the entire time. Loads of fun!

Catching tons of rings, see Fuji???

great jumps
lots of close up picture opportunities too.
a little touch zone. both girls held starfish! my first time holding a sea urchin.
Etta had to hold a different looking starfish too
The dolphin show was just ok, we did enjoy the jumps though.
A little better view of Fuji
Eric took this great shot
what's a trip without ice cream??
We probably spent the majority of our time fishing for crawdads! It was free and the girls were having a great time. I helped Etta and when Eric wasn't taking pictures he helped Chloe.
"I've got 5!"
On our way to the ferry they had a little penguin on display. This one wasn't as friendly as the one at Kakegawa Kachoen so we didn't get to touch or hold it. But several aquarium workers were giving facts about the penguins and gave out penguin post cards to the few of us there.
We caught the last ferry back to shore and headed home with a pit stop for dinner. The girls were incredibly tired and slept a good chunk of the way to dinner. We had to carry them nearly sleeping into a ramen restaurant. It was a great get away as a family.


Jen said...

Looks like fun! I googled Mt. Fuji because I wanted to learn about it. I am such a geek. :)

Pam said...

That was a nice stop coming back from your base trip. It has to help break up the ride for the girls. Of course knowing there ice cream coming at some point is always great!!!

Jill said...

I think ice-cream is a food group for the Winterbottoms. The dolphin area looks like an ocean instead of a pool. Looked like so much fun. . I need a vacation.

Christy said...

both the numazu aquariums have their dolphins show in the ocean. I suppose it's easier to keep them in the ocean than build something seperate.