Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Trip to Yokota and Numazu Aquarium
While Eric's parents were here, we had to take a trip up to Yokota to pay road tax. Yeah, a three hour drive both ways to pay road tax. Normally, locals get something in the mail, they take it to city hall and pay their annual road tax. For the base however, they bring someone from city hall between Tuesday-Friday one week a year, for several hours a day for all military to pay their road tax. Since there are so few people like Eric (living hours from a base), there really is no other way. We picked up Etta at school on our way to Yokota and drove straight there hoping to pay the road tax as soon as we arrived. However, we had a stretch of stop and go for 15 minutes during the drive, we made it 5 minutes after the town hall worker left. Go figure. But, we stayed on base for the night. The temporary living facility we stay at was big enough for everyone to have a room (the girls shared a room with two twin beds).
We didn't do much other than shop, watch a movie (Sherlock Holmes), and pay road tax. After that we took off from Yokota we headed towards Numazu to take Eric's parents to an aquarium we like.
Here are the girls enjoying their onigiri in the car

Yes, snow in April. A very cold couple of days.

Etta getting a kiss from a walrus

Same walrus in a show. You may remember seeing this guy before from a blog long ago, he does a jump off a diving board. Click the link to see more pictures.

high jump

Between the aquarium and home is one of our favorite Indian restaurants in Fuji. Dave was fascinated with the parking lots in Japan. Back in and this metal guard comes up to keep you in until you pay.

I think this place sits only 14 people but has a great chef from India. Our friend Pawan (who's Indian) lives nearby and introduced us to it. Mmmmm. We love Indian food!

The next day Etta had gymnastics in the morning. Eric took his parents and Chloe to a Kunozan Shrine just a few miles from our house while I biked Etta to lessons. After lessons we all met up at our favorite ichigogari (all you can eat strawberries) place next to Etta's preschool.
One thing we like about this place is that we can stand up erect, most places are really short and you have to hunch over. You'll notice that the strawberries are all grown in greenhouses here.
Eric and his mom showing off some of their strawberries. You have 30 minutes to eat as much as you want. It's the first time we've gone this year and they are as good as we remember!
This year, the girls chowed down the entire 30 minutes.
Dave and Maggi agreed that these were the best strawberries they had ever eaten.
Gees, I still have lots to blog about from Dave and Maggi's trip here. I better get on the ball. More to come in another day or two.

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