Tuesday, April 13, 2010

As you know, blogging has been hit or miss with me the last month. Not having a laptop attached to my lap these last several weeks really decreases my internet access. I miss blogging, but both Eric and I feel that taking a break from the computer has been good for us. I spend more time with the girls doing what they want to do and have more time to keep the house clean. Isn't that more important than checking the headlines of yahoo and facebook anyway? There should be a happy medium and I can tell I'm much happier. I do miss skyping my mom nearly every day though!
I went through our pictures from the last month and wanted to put some just daily pictures on here. We haven't downloaded any pictures since Eric's parents have arrived so that will be several blogs at some point.
Aya moved back to Shizuoka into their new house. Here she is with baby Ann, she's already 4 months old!
Chloe sure did miss Riko!
Chloe has decided she likes Eric's chai tea as much as he does
happy Chloe
The girls have been dancing fools lately. Nearly every day they ask to put on one of their leotards to dance around. This day they happened to dance around in the bounce house.

We had a dinner two weekends ago with two Japanese families. One family was from Etta's preschool and we did the bamboo shoot dig with them. The other family were the ones that hosted the bamboo shoot dig. We wanted to reciprocate with a nice meal.
Chloe snuggling
Five little girls reeking havoc on the toy room, specifically dress up clothes.

A cold morning, Daddy got them all bundled up on the sofa (Chloe)
If I remember, I'll download the most recent pictures since Eric's parents have arrived so I can blog again. Seems like I have tons of things to say, just need to find the time to say it.

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