Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The News on Our Next Assignment...
Eric has been emailing around lately to get a feel for who will actually deliver the news of his next assignment this past week. One lady wrote back and said that the computer shows we aren't supposed to move until the summer of 2011, even though it's really this summer. So, Eric emailed the guy in charge of his assignment to see what he needs to do to correct it. Turns out because the computer said 2011, Eric wasn't even given an assignment this drop. So, that's one reason we haven't heard anything about where we're moving to. We have no assignment!
Turns out Eric will now have to wait until the next assignment drop and won't find out until August where we're headed. Hmmm, we were supposed to move in August, but it looks like that will get pushed back too! Oh well, Eric won't actually be in school (thus not actually working) then so we'll just be hanging out in Japan living it up until they tell us where to move. Looks like we need to find another cruise this summer! Pros and cons of the entire situation but luckily Eric and I find the humor in it. Plus, Etta will enjoy spending more time at her preschool learning more Japanese. By the way, her first day of school starts tomorrow. She's looking forward to the change in hats and school shirts.
So, that's it for news on the assignment since there really is no news. Since my mom will probably be fuming about now not knowing when she'll get to see her grand babies again, I'll add our most recent pictures of the girls on Easter Day.
Friends of ours had an Easter Egg Hunt at their house. I was too busy helping the girls to take pictures and Eric forgot the camera was strapped to him so we didn't get pictures of the actual hunt. Here are the girls eating their candy all the way home. There was nothing left by the time we got home, not even a 10 minute walk.
"What is this? I have no idea but it must be good, it came out of an egg."

Chloe decided she didn't want her hat, but Etta did.
a quiet walk home
For some strange reason the girls had some extra energy for biking when we got back

Chloe has no idea what a peddle is
The girls enjoyed running up and down the street holding hands, it melted my heart
That's all for now. Eric's parents are arriving tomorrow. They're bringing us our new laptop, more blogging to come!


Jen said...

I'm glad you're looking at the bright side! :)

Victoria said...

I can't believe you're not moving this summer! Hopefully you'll enjoy some great family time while Eric isn't going to school.

Pam said...

Wow, because of their error, you have to wait, not fair, but hey, that's our government!!! You can at least have a little more time saving up for two cars and a house now!

Jill said...

You and Eric always go with the flow. You handled it better than I would. Just a little longer, but that means more blogging and pics for us about Japan. . yea!!!