Monday, April 26, 2010

Kakegawa Kachoen Again
This was my third time and Eric's forth coming to the birth park. We really enjoy this place and it's about an hour from our home. It's a great place to take visitors if we don't want to go too far from home. You can see our trip with my parents here and with Eric's brother and wife here.
A perfect place to take Eric's parents, especially since they enjoy flowers. Here's what we saw...
the dining area

We missed the real penguin today, Etta was very sad:(
The birds were excited about the little baths, however we had to be careful. Some birds would fly to a nearby tree and shake their water all over us.
Etta now really enjoys coming here. The first time she was scared and now she asks for birds to fly on her head. She's so funny.
Wish granted
Happy Etta
Chloe had to be carried the majority of our time there. She does not like the idea of birds near her.
So happy, she's dancing.
Dave getting a turn with the birds
Maggi feeding a toucan
Dave's turn

Etta's first time feeding a toucan
Feeding the emus, better hold onto that cup it will get knocked out of your hands!
Maggi lost her first cup pretty quick, she underestimated the emus!
Eric's guarding the food
Ice cream break! Hmmm, wonder what flavor she got???
Their special treat when we take trips somewhere. Good thing we don't keep it around the house!
That's it for our trip to Kakegawa. I still have some more pictures to post from Eric's parents trip here. Hope you enjoyed see the bird park again.


Pam said...

Those hanging baskets of flowers are just as pretty as when we saw them. The birds still love sitting on your head ;)

Jen said...

Wish I could teleport there so you could take us too! :)