Thursday, April 01, 2010

Family Day at Kuno Yochien
This was in February and I'm just now blogging it! So much to type and so little time spent on the computer now. Back to preschool. Sometime in February, Etta's preschool had a family day. Mostly just moms with young kids came to spend the day at school. Since Eric didn't have school that day he decided to make it a family affair.
Etta's school mates
Youth soccer coaches came and set up an obstacle course for the kids, showed them soccer moves, and then even played soccer. Here are a few pictures of the obstacle course. Etta's in the purple Tinkerbell smock.

Chloe even got to play with a soccer ball like the big kids

Etta had fun kicking the ball around Etta's class

Yuya kun looks sweet on Chloe

My new favorite picture of Chloe
Parents got to participate in the soccer games
Of course when I played, Etta wouldn't let go of my hand.

Etta in her classroom, her teacher in the corner (Junko Sensei)
After soccer and lunch, there was a magic show upstairs. Chloe enjoyed the first few minutes then spent the rest of her time in the attached library looking at all the books. She was quite, I was happy.
This guy was great with the kids!
I can't remember what he told Ren kun to do with this, but....
this was his surprise. He was a little scared.
We had a good time that day! Etta's been on spring break now for about two weeks. Thursday the 8th, she'll be returning to school and will be starting a brand new school year. Yes, the school year starts in April here (even Eric starts a new semester as well). She'll be a second year! Instead of wearing handmade smocks she'll be wearing button down school shirts to and from school, plus the same school shorts, and a different colored hat (pink and yellow, not just yellow). Not too many big changes except a new teacher and classroom. I think she'll miss Junko, whom she loves, but Etta will get to see her every day still.
Something else that's interesting, Etta is talking in Japanese. Just within the last few weeks she talks all the time in Japanese. If we are with Japanese people she switches into Japanese but still sometimes says Japanese phrases with us at home. It's pretty cute and can't wait to see her proficiency by the time we leave here. BTW, we still don't know where we're going yet. But, as soon as we do , I'll blog it.
Well, my fingers are out of practice typing so I'll conclude this one for now. Hope it won't be as long before I post again.


Jill said...

Finally a post. I was hoping everything was okay. How much longer before you know where you are going? (days, weeks, months) Cute pics!!

Jen said...

That is so cool that Etta is speaking in Japanese! Even when you leave there, Eric could continue to help her with it.

Can't wait to hear where you are headed next! (I'm sure you feel the same way)