Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Day at the Nihondira Zoo
We enjoy going to our local zoo. It's cheap and you can cover the entire place in half a day. Works great when you have a kid that still takes a nap. A new exhibit opened up since our last visit so we thought it would make a great place to take Eric's parents. We couldn't work it around Etta's half day of school and Chloe's nap time so we decided to brave the weekend masses. Luckily we showed up just after it opened and made it through the zoo before the mad rush of locals came. Here are the highlights of our day.
This peacock was showing off for quite a long time, not sure who he was trying to attract though
the girls really enjoyed the extra attention with grandma and grandpa Winterbottom around
I had to take a picture of our national bird, we don't see many of these around anywhere

Eric's talked with this guy a handful of times (yes, we've been to the zoo quite a few times) and showed us how the hyena enjoys getting his nose itched. The zoo worker said that's as close as he gets to him though.

Part of the new exhibit, we can see Seals swimming through tubes and a windowed floor

The best part of the new exhibit is the polar bear! Before it was just depressing seeing the polar bear, now it's fun. He's swimming above the tunnel or running around outside playing with toys. We had a great time watching him, so did everyone else!

One of my favorite shots of him!

Can't decide where he wants to play! He's always on the move now.

Chloe just couldn't stay still long enough for us to get the camera ready.

A new lion exhibit, again, a much needed improvement over the previous enclosure.

This female could care less about the kids in her face or all the people posing in front of her for pictures.

So happy she started to dance.

We packed a lunch: sandwiches, wakame onigiri, grapes, bananas, and oranges. No one went hungry.
Etta likes holding and touching animals

Chloe, not so much. She likes to look from afar.
A gentleman was kind enough to offer to take our picture in front of the elephants. Luckily today they didn't splash water on anyone.
Dave was fascinated with green tea plants so we took him up a nearby hill (from the zoo) for a shot of the city plus green tea.
So many pictures left of Eric's trip here. More to come.


Jen said...

That's one happy polar bear!! :)

Jill said...

Looks fun!! I love the polar bears!! Are the zoos similar to the ones in the US?