Saturday, February 06, 2010

Two Days in Tokyo
We all picked up Etta at school Wednesday so we could head straight for Tokyo without any delays. It was perfectly planned. Etta may be tired enough to take a nap and we would be on the road during Chloe's normal nap time. However, the girls were too excited about the current trip and decided to watch Dora videos all the way there instead of sleeping. However, about 15 minutes from out hotel Chloe decided to fall asleep. Of course!
The New Sanno has a winter discount of 25% regular rates so we wanted to take advantage of it now. Of course they are always booked on the weekend and made the trip a weekday trip. Sorry Etta, you're missing a little bit of school. We tired the trip to a Etta's annual check up that was scheduled for Friday morning at Yokota. We'd just leave Tokyo, head to Yokota for the morning and afternoon, then head home. We were looking forward to hanging out at the New Sanno and sightseeing.
We arrived before dinner time and had plans to get together with another Olmsted Scholar family in Tokyo that evening, but their preschool aged son was throwing up just after school. We all decided it was best not to get together. So, we ate dinner at the restaurant then headed for the indoor pool and spa. The girls love it there! Here are a few pictures of our evening in the pool.

We've stayed at the New Sanno several times now, but this was the first time we realized that we could check out movies at the front desk. Not just older movies, but new releases too! So, we rented Transformers Revenge of the Fallen to watch after the girls went to sleep. We were surprised that both the girls ended up falling asleep (together) on the king sized bed. Chloe was a little reluctant because she'd rather play, but in the end it didn't take long. We originally sat in the living room to watch the movie but it was dang loud with all the explosions so we ended up in the hallway near the door. At least we didn't bother the girls after that. By the way, we thought the movie was just ok. It didn't have much story line for that length of a movie.
The next morning we had a great breakfast at the restaurant before heading to Ikebukuro Sunshine City's aquarium. A good walk to the station, two trains, and then a short walk to get there from the hotel. On the 10th floor is a nice little aquarium. It had snowed the night before so employees were working to move snow and ice from the sea lion show area. This was the girls' first experience with snow and they want to see more! Here are some pictures of our morning at the aquarium.
Penguin parade
Pretty much just watched them eat, but the girls had funSun fish are so strange looking
this otter enjoyed swimming up to the girls
Not sure why there were none aquatic animals at the aquarium, but they were still cute!
Checking out the armadillos, ant eaters, foxes, hedgehogs, mara, and birds

The sea lion show
front row!

the flowers are inside the tank

Etta took this picture!
A tradition of eating ice cream while on vacation. Chloe picked caramel and Etta picked grape

I sneaked a couple of bites too
let me play with my bare fingers!
A tiny playground outside the sunshine city building which the girls politely demanded to stop at.

On the way back to the hotel.
We tried stopping at a pub Eric and I ate at years ago, for lunch. They had great salmon fish and chips as well as beer. Unfortunately they weren't open for lunch. So we drug a sleeping Chloe and a hungry Etta back to the hotel. We pretty much skipped lunch (the girls had ice cream though) then had an early dinner at the hotel's deli. Etta got to swim at the pool since she ate some of her dinner and Chloe didn't. Once the girls were asleep we watched The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. We had a good time watching that one! This night we moved Etta to the pull out bed and Eric said he'd sleep with her and I could sleep on the king bed with Chloe. I had a much better night of sleep this time. The night before Chloe tossed and turned relentlessly. Halfway through the night I heard some commotion on the pull out bed and then the unthinkable, Etta throwing up in bed. Oh no. I'm yelling at Eric to pick her up and run to the bathroom but was pretty much too late. It was all over the bed and dripped to the bathroom. Yikes. So, we spent quite a bit of time cleaning up and getting Etta some medication (thank goodness I brought a bag full of meds). After the bed was as clean as I could made it, we all tried going back to sleep. Poor Eric had it the worst.
Etta slept in and didn't have any more trips to the toilet. We packed up and headed for Yokota and Etta's check up. Good timing. An hour later we were getting our shots. Etta and Chloe's H1N1 booster shot, my H1N1 shot, and all of Etta's 4 year shots (for a total of 5 shots). No crying from Etta and Chloe cried up until she got the shot, then was fine. Etta's check up was normal and she weighs 38 pounds (61 percentile) and is 3 feet 3.5 inches (50 percentile).
We wrapped up our trip with picking up mail, shopping for groceries, and eating lunch and Taco Bell. It's sad when you crave Taco Bell. That is an indicator that I need to go back to the states!
So, the trip wasn't as wonderful as we had envisioned it but overall it wasn't too bad. I think we're going to hold off anymore trips for awhile. I need a break from screaming, whining, none napping kids.

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Jen said...

That sucks that Etta puked, in bed of all places. It looks like you still had lots of fun anyway! Great pictures. :)