Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Morning at the Mall
Mall is a loose term when it comes to the S Pulse Dream Plaza because there aren't many shops there. But none the less, it's a mall. Eric and I had been mentioning taking Chloe there and enjoying several hours with just one on one time with her. We hadn't been to the play area for several months so we headed there last week for Chloe to enjoy herself. To our surprise the kids' place had been remodeled. Massage chairs were no longer free and all the fun things Chloe loved were gone. But, in it's place was a large twisty slide, a small ball pit, and some other fun inflatable toys. Here's us playing for about two hours.
You fill this thing up with balls, push a button, then they are shot up in the air
The slide was her favorite
a zip line
yes, even I went down the slide

After Chloe was content with playing, we went to the grocery store on the first floor to pick up her favorite salmon onigiri and edamame for lunch. We then went up to the food court so Eric and I could enjoy an Indian lunch. We still had a little bit of time to kill before picking up Etta on our way home so we stopped at a big park in between the mall and Etta's school. Chloe didn't mind the extra 20 minutes of play. I just had a good time hanging out with my little girl and my hubby. It was a good day.

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Vicki said...

It's so wonderful that you Chloe got some one-on-one (or two-on-one) time with you guys. She is looking so big now!