Friday, February 26, 2010

Keeping Low

We haven't been up to much these last few weeks. We're under a normal routine of getting Etta to and from school and activities as well as Eric grinding away at his last month of grad classes for Troy University. The biggest news we have (is not where we are going yet) but that our laptop has died; one of the reasons I've not been on the computer much. Eric is finishing up his 30 or so pages of his last paper so the computer has been a rare thing for me the past week. But, I was resolved to get on the internet and type a few things out tonight.
As of Tuesday, I am done with Japanese tutoring. Knowing that we'll be moving this summer and will probably be buying another house, I felt the money was better invested in that rather than a language I won't be using after we move (at least for a handful of years). I'm content with what I have learned thus far, but still feel like I know nothing. I suppose that's the problem with continuously learning a language, you keeping figuring out that there is so much more to learn.
Chloe is making leaps and bounds in the communication area. Yes, she still throws tantrums and thinks I can read her mind half the time. But, she is using several word sentences when she wants to. We'll be making another trip to Atusgi this next week for her to play with other kids just like her. It's set up like preschool and she loves it! Makes me excited thinking about how much she may thrive when we return to America.
We lost a few pictures when the laptop died, but luckily it was just ballet pictures. Something we can refurbish every Friday. Here are a few pictures that survived. Eric has been feeling sentimental lately and has been taking pictures and videos of just day to day things. He's worried that we'll miss this golden years. These are some cute pictures of Etta riding her bike, which she loves to do when the weather is nice out.

We rarely see our house since it's above the street so Eric took pictures from several different angles. I don't even recognize the house!

Hopefully I'll get a chance to post again soon. I feel like I'm accomplishing a lot without having a computer around all day long! However, I think my mom will be going through depression not having as many opportunities to talk with the girls and I. Sorry mom, hope the problem with get fixed soon.


Pam said...

I so miss calling you at 2:30am our time and talking on my way home from work!!! Plus seeing you guys on Skype keeps us going and the girls won't forget their Grandma and Poppy...

Jill said...

It stinks when the computer goes down .. I feel lost without it.

Jill said...

Hey Christy . . .it is March. Keeping low or have joined Internet anonymous. ;)