Saturday, January 09, 2010

Phuket, Thailand
If you remember, Eric and I took a long trip to Thailand back in 2002 (Bangkok, Krabi, Phuket, Phi Phi, Chang Mai, and Ayutia). I just revisited those pictures and it gives me a sigh, it was such a wonderful vacation with just the two of us. This time going to Phuket, we weren't sure which side of the island we would be anchoring on. I had read reviews that it could be Phuket Bay, which is not near the popular beaches and shopping, or in Patong Bay which is the tourist destination. The night before arriving in Phuket we got our flier and it said we were anchoring in Patong Bay which got Eric and I excited. We weren't worried at all about what to do. We didn't plan on doing any excursions through the boat because they were ridiculously expensive. So, since we'd been there before we planned to wing it.
We road the tender boat to the beach and were bombarded by drivers that wanted to take us to see a bunch of things that we weren't interested in. We crossed the street to a tour booth and asked about some elephant shows nearby. Unfortunately since we showed up late afternoon and would leave the following day at noon, we kind of showed up at the wrong time to go to the recommended one. Bad timing. She told us to take a taxi to any of the others but I figured we'd get taken on the taxi fare and the tickets getting in. While deliberating, the girls were yelling about swimming on the beach. Since we planned on doing the elephants for the girls and they wanted the beach, we gave them the beach.
We walked down a little ways and paid for some lounges with umbrellas, just a couple of dollars for the rest of the day. Ladies set up shop to braid hair, manicures, pedicures, and even massages. I needed a pedicure badly and had another gala night the next evening. Eric took the girls into the water and I sat at the beach getting a pedicure for $8.
Here's Etta having tons of fun. A Royal Caribbean Legends of the Sea cruise boat to the left and ours on the right
So happy!
This was one time on the trip the girls loved being with each other
A picture of the bay
We let the girls play on the beach until it was closing at 6pm. We packed up and decided to eat dinner in Patong that night rather than go back to the boat. Eric and I LOVE Thai food. So, we walked around looking for a good restaurant for all of us. If you don't know, Thai food is on the rather hot side and knew the girls wouldn't actually eat any of it. We randomly walked down a side road and found a family restaurant that offered some American food as well as Thai and Indian. Strange, but the owner or manager assured us he had an Indian and a Thai cook in the back. Ok, lets give it a shot. I of course got my favorite Chicken Green Curry and Eric got the Pad Thai. Last second we thought about the green papaya salad and ordered that as well. The girls stuck with the classic chicken nuggets and fries. Dinner was a hit! We wished we could spend several days in Thailand just for the food. One the walk back to the boat we picked up some cute Hello Kitty dresses for the girls for about $7 for the both of them. So cute.
The next morning we ate breakfast and left the cruise boat early. We picked the beach right next to the tender boat drop off and let the girls just swim the entire time we had left. I sent Eric and our left over Thai Baht to do some shopping while I played with the girls in the water. He came back an hour later with a few things and told me to finish up the shopping. His turn with the girls while I tried spending $40 in Thai money. It was more difficult than I thought but I bought a handful of DVDs like New Moon, 2012, and Dora, then lots of clothes for the girls, and a shirt for Eric, sarong for Aya, and a couple of other trinkets to give as gifts. I made it back to Eric and the girls later than I was supposed to but not before the last tender boat (I wouldn't mind spending more time in Thailand, but that would be an expensive mistake). I had a little money left so Eric went to the convenient store and picked up some beer for him, a wine cooler for me, and cookies for the girls. We even had some change to tip the workers at the beach. It was so much fun and wish we had more time there. Ahhhh, we love Thailand!

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