Monday, January 04, 2010

Our Cabin and Komodo Island, Indonesia
How did I forget to post cabin pictures on the Cruisin' post? Oh well, I remembered now. Here is a picture of our inside cabin 3082. We were towards the rear of the boat but not so far back that it was shaking. Thank goodness. We occasionally took Chloe for walks on each deck and noticed the further back (towards the engine) we went the more it shook. We felt bad for the people staying in those cabins. We opted to spend less and not get a window. We were fine with that because it helped the girls sleep in the morning. They kept thinking it was night time and would go back to sleep. Tricky!
we ended up leaving one ladder (moving it when needed) and having it attach at the foot of the bed so we had ample room to walk around

Our tiny bathroom
Our second stop on the cruise was to Komodo Island, Indonesia. We were really looking forward to this one and it did not dissapoint. Since you have to pay to go on the island ($25 per person) since it's a national forest, we decided to pay the 29euro per adult to get the guided tour in hopes we'd see a komodo dragon. To top it off, the boat would watch Etta the entire time we were gone. One less kid to carry.
We were given instructions ahead of time to not wear red so we had to take that into account. Ok, hats to cover the hair and I guess we can't carry Chloe in the backpack carrier because it's red. Oh well, we'll carry her. We were also told not to put down Chloe at all. Got it.
We were split into several different groups and somehow we were put into the mostly Russian group. No big deal to us. We had three rangers with us, one in the front, one in the middle, and one in back to keep an eye out for komodo dragons and to keep us all together. About 5 minutes into the walk they were eager to point out one of the dragons. They kept pointing and saying, "baby komodo, baby komodo" and how lucky we were to see one. I kept thinking to myself, "That's a baby?" It was several times the size of a gila monster and the largest lizard I was familiar with.
A little warm, but Chloe enjoyed pouring the bottled water on her throughout our time on the island
Next we came upon the watering hole and had to be extremely quiet because there were four adult males! Not to mention, two of them were fighting. At first glance I thought they were loving on each other, but then hisses and bites followed. It was so crazy to see and all of us in the groups were going nuts with the pictures and video taping (us included!). So, here is a little bit of what we saw.

Eric gave me the camera and said, "Get one with his tongue out." This was the best one I took.
Lets just say these guys were longer than we are taller and huge! We were told they are the top predator and will take down wild boar, deer, and even water buffalo. To take down the water buffalo they just bite them several times and the bacteria in the mouth end up killing them later on. Some of the information we heard was almost unreal, just never thought a lizard could be that amazing. I suppose that's why they are called dragons.
After the tour we went to the small village and saw another adult under a cafe then this small one just walking around.
Before leaving the island there is one long row of booths selling local goods. Things from shirts, pearls, and wood carvings. They were insane yelling at you to look at their stuff even though it's identical to the one next to them. We ended up buying a really neat wood carved komodo dragon from only $10. One of the few souvenirs we bought on the trip.
Here's a view of our boat from the island
Here's a little clip of Komodo Island as well as us on the tender boat going back to the cruise.


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