Saturday, January 02, 2010

Ujung Pandang (Makassar), Indonesia

Our first port of call on our cruise was Ujung Pandang (aka Maskassar), Indonesia. I had done a
little research on the place before the cruise and didn't find much to do on our own. The biggest reason people travel to Makassar is to take a tour to a mountain region about 8 hours away to see the Toraja, an indigenous population that seems to have retained their way of live. Since we only had one day to explore the city, that option wasn't even an option for us. Bummer.
We decided to take a tour offered through the boat since they would watch Etta the entire time in the kids room. They sold us on the deal when that was mentioned! Our first stop was to the harbor to see the
Phinisi schooners they still make and use today. It was actually a sad stop. We saw more of the depravity of the harbor more than anything else. You see that we took no pictures of the boats (you'll see them when I type about Jakarta) but rather the kids running around the harbor (not going to school).

shacks right on the water
the kids were extremely interested in us and Chloe, must have been the red hair

It was kind of a sad stop and was happy to move on to the next stop, Fort Rodderdam, one of the best preserved Dutch buildings in Indonesia. I wasn't feeling very well on this stop so I can't tell you much, you can go to the link if you are interested in learning more.
Next we went a local museum in I think an old palace. This was just one of the buildings to the palace and the only one we were aloud to go in. It was pretty boring but I liked the pictures below.
Their written language plus local dialects

We went for high tea at a large hotel before going to our last stop which had on display a handful of the Indonesian housing styles. Since there are some 10,000 islands in Indonesia, there was/is a wide variety of living conditions and lifestyles. It's neat to see some of the types of homes that were and still built today.

We took the 5-6 hour tour so we were back at the ship mid afternoon. By then Chloe was awake and ready to play in the pool or at the kids club. Here's a picture of Chloe and I at the back of the boat. Don't worry, we have tons of pictures and video of the entire boat which you'll see in other posts. I forgot to post a picture of our cabin (just Chloe sleeping) so I'll post that one soon too.
Kids at Makassar Harbor
Next Stop Komodo Island!

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