Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Malacca, Malaysia
With all the research I did on our ports of call I found out Malacca would be the easiest to do on your own and by foot. Woohoo, save some money! I wrote down some of the recommend sites to see and the cruise line had given us a map of the city the night before arriving. We marked some of the things we wanted to see and other things that we would see if time and kids permitted. You just never know where the tender boats are dropping you off but luckily we were dropped off at a great spot, just a several minute walk to everything!
Chloe is armed with juice, glasses, hat, sun screen, and ready to go. When we got off the boat we were attacked by locals that wanted to be our tour guide for a lot more money than we wanted to part with. I'm glad we said no since it took no time to get to some of the destinations.
Our first site was actually a lizard in the drainage ditch (see video below) and then this replica of a dutch ship. We didn't pay to see it and later wished we had. An Aussie family said it was equivalent to about 50cents and was really cool. Their two boys ran up and down and enjoyed every minute of it. Oh well.
Little girl, big gun
We took a walk and the famous Jonker Street

I had read in several places to stop and see this several hundred year old Chinese temple. It looked old but it reeked of incense, we left fairly quickly since we couldn't breathe.
inside Chinese temple
Wouldn't see this in America
A clean canal, we aren't in Indonesia anymore!
St. Francis Xavier Church built in 1856 in honor of the saint
amazingly beautiful inside
A view of Costa Allegra from Malacca Hill on our way to see some church ruins
St Paul's Church Ruins built 1520-1521

This is probably the oldest church I've ever seen and it was really neat. Eric and I both thought that this was one of the neatest sites of the day. I got goose bumps thinking that people nearly 500 years ago were worshiping God where I was standing.

Just down Malacca hill we spotted a playground. While hanging out we saw lots of decorated tuk tuks driving around. Some of them even had speakers blasting away musics (as shown in video).
We took one of those revolving needles up to get a good view of the city. It was fun and the girls enjoyed it.

A food court was just across the street from the revolving needle (I can't remember what those things are called) and had some refreshments. The girls and I had mango or strawberry smoothies while Eric had some beer too. He was a happy man.
Bathrooms in Malacca leave a lot to be desired, like toilet paper and flushing toilets. You could either turn on a hose to wash water in the toilet or often had a bucket of water with a scooper to flush the toilet. Most of the time, you had to even pay to use said toilet. I was thankful we were carrying a pack or tissue paper from Japan since often in Tokyo you have to provide your own paper too. At least in Japan bathrooms are free and clean. Not the case for Malaysia.
We weren't impressed with the shopping at all in Malacca. Most of the souvenirs were very chintzy. We actually bought nothing. We did find one place selling shirts for as little as $2 but we weren't in the market. For those of you planning on going to Malacca, just keep walking past the Dutch ship and on your left hand side is an indoor market where the stuff was cheap! I'd shop there if I was shopping but nothing peeked my interest. We ended up going back to the boat in the early afternoon for a good shower (we were hot and sweaty) and tea time for some snacks. We really enjoyed our afternoon there. It was so different than Indonesia, mainly for the fact that it was clean. It looked like they were doing some major construction projects and wonder what it will look like in years to come?


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That looked like such a better spot to stop. Much cleaner!! What did the locals think of the girls here?