Sunday, January 17, 2010

Introduction to Gymnastics
I've always wanted Etta to try gymnastics since she is so flexible and on the short scale. We were disappointed when we couldn't find anyone with information on a local gymnastics class until one day several months ago a survey of Etta's classmate listed gymnastics as one of the extra curricular activity they do weekly. I was on a hunt to figure out who it was and the information on where to go. It took some time since that was something I couldn't ask in Japanese so I relied on Eric to get the scoop. It took until November to find out who, when, and where gymnastics was. Since we knew we'd be gone most of December we told ourselves that we'd try gymnastics at the beginning of the new year.
The first Saturday we could, we took both girls to gymnastics. First class is free to see if your kid likes it. We weren't sure if they'd let Chloe participate but were hopeful. They gave us the thumbs up on Chloe and sat back to see what happened. They started out doing the standard Japanese warm up/stretching with a few new things added to it. It was fun watching the girls doing jumps in the air and the splits.
The girls learned how to do back bends and they even do a back bend walk, Etta needed help and Chloe just played around.

For a good 5 minutes or so they had the kids running around it was fun seeing all the kids enjoying themselves. Here is Etta with her classmate's big sister Sora chan. She seemed to take charge of Etta that day to make sure she understand what was going on.Chloe had so much fun runningThey then had relays for the different age groups. Skipping, hopping on one leg, crawling on hands and feet, you name it

The girls' first apparatus was the vault but of course they start out with the basics. Chloe was hilarious, running up to the spring board then stopping to climb up on top, then climbing down. haa haa.
This looks like Etta actually ran, bounced, and popped off but of course she didn't. She climbed up, stood up, then jumped. I suppose that's step one on learning the vault.
Not bad at the balance beam
Chloe learning to roll, no good pictures of Etta rolling

The high bar (or should I say low bar)
Needed a little help getting over
Etta seemed to really enjoy her 75 minutes of gymnastics. Chloe had a hard time once they started the apparatuses, she just doesn't have patience to wait her turn. She just started wandering around. So much so that we had to keep her with us while lessons were continuing. We decided that only Etta will be doing gymnastics until Chloe is old enough to enjoy it, which means until after we move this summer.
Check out the warm up
We're super excited to see Etta enjoy all of her activities and look forward to when Chloe will too. Wonder if she'll be a good little gymnast in the future or if this is just fun for now and won't amount to anything else? Fun to think about!

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