Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Etta's First Ballet Class
Since ballet class is during Chloe's nap, only one of us was able to go with her. Since I don't have a large enough vocabulary to ask about type of clothing/shoes needed, I sent Eric with Etta. He of course took the camera, which I'm sure will embarrass Etta in the future. Lets just say, she isn't the child that goes out there on the first day and impress the teacher.
All this is second hand from Eric, but here's the scoop. There were only two other girls other than Etta, the third girl was sick that day. Etta is of course the youngest in the group, the others are 5 and 6. The 6 year old has been dancing either 2 or 3 years. So, Etta is a little out of her league in class. It doesn't help that she can't completely understand what the teacher is saying. But, she's gotten good at watching and copying what others are doing. The photos make me laugh, so be ready to have a good chuckle (at the expense of Etta).
Waiting for class to start
The warm up bar
I don't think Etta is paying attention here, but she is surely having a good time
follow the leader

I think I need to add a roll to this dance routine
gymnastics meets ballet
why does everyone have their hands in the air?

hands on hips or hands in the pants???
still have hands in the pants!
Eric said one of the little girls came over to Etta, took Etta's hands from her pants and placed them on her hips. I wish he had the video camera for that!
ok, kind of following againEven though she didn't completely understand or follow along, she seems really excited about ballet classes. I think mainly because she wants a cute leotard, tights, and ballet shoes. I went ahead and ordered a bunch of stuff from and hope it will be at Yokota when we go up next time. Etta won't start class for another couple of Fridays because her birthday party is after school this Friday and then in two weeks we'll be going to Tokyo and Yokota. We hate to pay for a month and only get one or two lessons in. Hopefully once Etta gets her ballet clothes she'll act more like a ballerina; meaning no hands in the pants!

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