Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Disembarking Costa Allegra, Last Two Days in Singapore
We arrived at 9am in Singapore but signed up to leave the boat at 2pm since we couldn't check into our hotel until the afternoon. Our luggage was picked up at 1am at night and had to do with what we could carry until 2pm the next day when we'd pick up our bags outside customs. Not a problem except I packed my shirt in my luggage. I got to choose between wearing my pajama shirt (a baggy shirt from Deer Valley HS) or a green t shirt of Eric's he wore the day before. I picked Eric's shirt, oh well.
We took the girls on the mass transit next to the cruise center to little India to do some shopping that was recommended to us at Mustafa shopping mall. It's a popular local shopping place and it was packed. Turned out to be difficult to shop with Etta and Chloe. We walked around for a short amount of time. We passed some pillow cases and of course Chloe noticed the Dora selection. She needed a new one since her current one started mildewing over the summer. We picked one up. Last second we came across some cheap Chinese outfits for the girls. Chloe's is a two piece and Etta's is a dress. We'll have to take pictures, but unfortunately the weather is too cold for them to wear it for longer than several minutes.
We headed back to the boat to have lunch and let the girls have their last swim in the pool before leaving the boat for good. The girls swam and then came over to the table occasionally to take bites of their hot dogs and french fries.
We left the cruise center and decided to take the mass transit as close as we could to our lodging. This time Eric got reservation for military lodging, but it was a long ways from the center of all the attractions. We took a taxi to the address on our print out but unfortunately nothing was there! Our taxi driver wasn't very competent so Eric took out or luggage and left me and the kids at the front of an empty building and went looking around to find out where are lodging was. Eric had his own adventure while I tried teaching the girls Kings on the Corners with a deck of cards under a patio while raining. Fun Fun. Eric found out there was no more Air Force lodging there, but down the street was Navy lodging and they had temporary living facilities available for the two nights (never found out what happened with our reservations!). A ten minute walk later we were being welcomed into our room/house. Let me just say the place was a lot bigger than our current house! A total of 6 queen beds. Almost laughable.
For dinner we made the 10 minute walk to the base restaurant. Right outside the restaurant was the base pool and it was like a resort pool! We tossed around the idea of skipping the bird park the following day and let the girls enjoy the kiddie pool while we lounged. It didn't take much convincing after we found out it would take about an hour of local transportation to get to the bird park from the Navy lodging. And really...could it be any better than the Kakegawa Bird Park?
Here's our last day in Singapore...

We even had a waitress come out and check on us nearly every 30 minutes. Eric enjoyed draft beer while I enjoyed some cocktails. The girls even braked for lunch, of course chicken nuggets and fries.

We were there a total of 6.5 hours and even had dinner. We had a 7:20am flight the next morning so we wanted to get the girls to bed as early as possible. video
I was up at about 2am because I couldn't sleep knowing the plane ride was just a handful of hours away. I finished packing and had everything ready when Eric woke up. Both girls woke up before we planned but they seemed excited about the upcoming flight. We took a taxi to the airport, the girls still in pajamas. The long line at United was looming but somehow we got put into a short line which helped out on the wait time. The Singapore airport is new and really impressive. I saw online that there was even a pool. Our taxi driver said that locals will go to the airport just to hang out! Here are a few things we saw at the airport.

We had a snack at the airport and Eric picked up something for the girls just in case they got loud on the plane. Not an hour on the plane past before they started at each other. Eric pulled out a bag and said he had something for them. He bought them both a Strawberry Shortcake doll with DVD. The girls kept themselves entertained for a long time dressing their new doll and talking about her. For the most part, the flight was painless. They both took a nap during the plane which made it easier for Eric and I to relax.
We went through customs in record time and had no problem making the second to last bus to Yokota AB. I believe Etta took another short nap on the bus! They were happy to be back at Yokota but not happy about the change in weather since leaving Singapore! No more swimming outdoors for many months to come!

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