Friday, January 01, 2010

We had two full days at sea heading from Singapore
to Ujung Pandang (aka Makassar), Indonesia. During that time we really got to know the ship and some of the people. After reading tons of reviews on this specific boat we were expecting a high percentage of Asians to be cruising with us but it turned out to be mainly Europeans and Aussies. Some of the crew we talked to said it was probably due to being a Christmas cruise. More westerners will have vacation then, and Asians will have more vacation time during the New Years. We did find a handful of Japanese on the boat and surprised them when we spoke Japanese. It's always fun surprising an unsuspected Japanese person by speaking to them in their native language. Even if I can't speak well, I can understand and get my point across most of the time.
We frequently went to the 8th deck hot tub and shallow pool. The girls loved going from one to the other. Plus, most of the other kids liked playing here too. Win win situation for everyone.

Chloe often took her nap while Etta played in the kids room
On our second or third day on the boat we had a drill. We had to wear our life jackets and meet at a specific part of the boat. The girls loved wearing them and annoyed everyone by blowing their whistle almost non-stop. It was hard getting them out of the jackets once the drill was over.
We had several dining options for each meal. We often did lunch and breakfast at the buffet but one day we decided to have lunch in the restaurant. We got their early and were seated at the back of the boat and had an ocean view, it was amazing!

The only problem with eating at the restaurant is it takes forever! Not a good option when you have a sleepy little girl. Everyone on the boat seemed to fall in love with Chloe. It was probably because they often saw her head bobbing at meal time and thought she was cute.
During the cruise we had three gala nights where everyone dresses up. Some of them men were in tuxes and others in slacks and polo shirts. The same range was with the women; plain skirts and shirts to sequined gowns. Of course the girls outshined us, which was ok with me. Less clothing to bring along that way!

Chloe was entertaining herself with balancing rolls on her headI loved the sequence of pictures we took of Chloe

I happened to miss this while taking Etta to the bathroom. Our servers walked around with a special dessert whielding sparklers.
Life on the boat was ok. Eric and I could see the potential for fun if Chloe could have gone to the kids room without us. Unfortunately they have to be 3 and older. So, it was hard to read, lounge, work out, or just spend time talking one on one with Eric. However, Etta always wanted to be in the kids room (when it was opened) and having one less kid was a small vacation in itself. Next to come, our first stop in Indonesia.

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