Friday, January 29, 2010

Coffee Can Be Good
As must of you know, I never drank coffee. The only time I would drink coffee would be the occasional Pumpkin Spiced Latte from Starbucks. That's it!
We acquired a 4 cup coffee maker when my dad came out to visit us in Monterey after Chloe was born. It pretty much just hung out in our pantry otherwise. Then this past summer came. It was sooooo hot. Not having central AC is just a drag and the house was just hot (except for the family room when the AC was on). We decided to try our hand at ice coffee. After trial and error we found a ratio of cooled coffee, ice, sugar, and milk to give us a nice jolt in the morning and cool us off. As a side note, several weeks later we determined our restless nights of sleep were actually from the coffee we were now drinking. Haaaa.
Our little coffee maker wasn't up for the Winterbottom household. Daily hand washing and drying on a rack lead to the handle coming off of the carafe. We started searching for a new coffee maker as a possible Christmas present on Amazon. We love to read the reviews from people that actually buy and use them. We came across the French Presses and noticed how many great reviews they got and that nearly everyone mentioned that they make the best cup off coffee. None of the bitterness and full flavor. One of my problems with coffee is the bitterness so this sounded great to me.
We had requested the Bodum Chambord Coffee Press because of the several hundred great reviews. You may be asking what the difference between this press and a normal coffee maker are. For the press you heat up your water to near boiling in the microwave or teapot instead of pouring cold water into the regular coffee maker which then boils it. Stir the course ground coffee granules and water together and let sit for at least 4 minutes (the longer the time the stronger the flavor) instead of boiling water just dripping through fine ground granules. Push down on the lever and the coffee is strained through the wire filter. No more buying filters! And it makes great coffee! I'm not adding spoonful after spoonful of sugar anymore to cut the bitterness either. From the reviews, it sounds like boiling water used in traditional coffee makers are the reason for the bitterness. Plus, using just the fine wire filter you still get the bean oils in your cup of coffee. Regular paper filters trap those oils. I'm learning about coffee!
The only downside of the coffee press is that it's not sitting on the burner staying warm until you want to drink it. So, when it's ready you have to drink it before it's cold. Not a big deal since we only drink a cup in the morning when we make it. Plus, if we wanted another cup of coffee it's so easy to make another batch.
We're looking forward to Eric's parents coming out in April so we can make them coffee from our new press and see what they think. Wonder if we can transform them? Any one else out there swear by their coffee maker or press?
BTW, I miss pumpkin spiced latte. Japanese Starbucks don't make/sell them. I will be buying them when we come back to America though!


Jen said...

Coffee must be an acquired taste. I go for hot chocolate in the morning. :)

Jill said...

I love coffee, I could drink it all day. But I only have one cup of decaf a day now, if any. Staying off that caffeine train. I would love a press, but don't want to feed into my coffee addiction anymore!!

Jamie said...

woohoo for becoming coffee drinkers! we love our bodum french press. it does make excellent coffee, though i'm not drinking much of the stuff recently :( i went off it during pregnancy and neither me nor the little dude can handle much more than half a cup now. when he's weaned, i hope to be able to enjoy more!