Thursday, December 10, 2009

We Made It!
Yesterday morning was a stressful one. Eric still hadn't gotten his leave orders when we woke up and couldn't get anyone to answer the phone in Ohio where his orders are supposed to come from. You have to have orders to leave the country otherwise you are AWOL and could have some serious problems if something where to happen to you outside the country without orders. Plus, we couldn't get bus tickets to the airport without them. So, Eric spent 4 hours contacting base command and getting someone on-call to help him out. Someone did not do their job because the orders had been signed several days before and never sent to Eric. So a major had to get orders made up for Eric in a matter of hours so we can go on our trip. We were so concerned about not getting orders we had a backup plan for Etta and I to go on the trip ourselves. I can't imagine a 2.5 weeks trip without Eric.
45 minutes before the bus was to leave Yokota AB Eric's orders were in hand. What a relief! We took the 2 hour bus ride to the airport which Etta conveniently snoozed half of. We had over 4 hours before our plane left so we spent a lot of time at one particular play room (which Chloe snoozed for an hour) and had fun talking to interesting people there.
The plane actually left early and we were the last to board! Miraculously we were in economy plus rather than economy. The girls were great and fell asleep around 9pm sleeping the last 4 hours of the flight. I even got to watch several movies!
We are at our hotel in Singapore close to Little India. We're going to see the zoo which is supposed to be fantastic. I'll post when I can. We board the cruise tomorrow and don't think we'll have any access (that we could afford!) to the internet. We may be without internet for 2 weeks!

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Tara said...

Wow, that sounds so stressful! Way worse than when my hubby almost didn't get his orders to come home for our wedding (we didn't have mere hours like you did)!

I am SO glad that everything worked out and you're on your way! Have a fun trip!!