Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Days in Singapore Before Cruise

We spent two days at Yokota before heading to Singapore. We were concerned about not making the trip all together since Eric hadn’t received his orders to travel overseas. So, after Eric spent hours on and off the phone to Ohio, we finally got someone on call to put together orders last second. We boarded our bus to the airport and spent several hours hanging out at the airport playroom. It was a surprisingly pleasant time in the airport and flying over to Singapore. Chloe took an excellent nap at the airport then both the girls slept the majority of the plane ride. Eric and I both got to watch movies off and on during the flight. It was quite nice!

We arrived about 12:30am in Singapore and since it was pretty quiet, we went through customs quickly and were at our hotel by 1:30am where we were warmly greeted. I had a hard time finding one hotel room with more than just one queen bed for less than a fortune. I opted for a less than great neighborhood in exchange for an affordable hotel with two beds. We lucked out because it had great service too.

After getting settled into the room and getting the girls settled into bed, we didn’t sleep that much. I had heard that the Singapore Zoo was good and we weren’t disappointed. See below in previous post for video and pictures. We spent the entire day at the zoo and the girls were exhausted. Our taxi driver said we should take the girls to the popular Orchard street to see all the Christmas lights so we changed our course from the hotel to Orchard Street. Since it wasn’t quite dark yet we found an Indian restaurant dinner then walked down the street to view lights. Since it was Friday night, it was quite busy on the street but the Christmas lights and decorations were amazing. Somehow we didn’t think about taking pictures. Oh well.

The following day we decided to hang around the hotel and use the internet as much as possible before heading to the cruise boat. We talked to both sets of parents and got any information that we needed before the trip. When it was check out time we headed for a local famous seafood restaurant (No Sign Board Seafood)just down the street.
Chili crab was the recommended dish so we ordered that, some veggie dishes, and rice. It ended up being really hot (might have something to do with the massive amounts of chili sauce) but it was a good meal.
A little messy
Plus the service was great, some of the ladies ended up entertaining the girls for at least 30 minutes.

We walked slowly back to the hotel to pick up our luggage ended up going one street further to see the sites. We ended up seeing some women trying to pick up men on the streets. Eric and I can now say we've seen that!

Getting onto the cruise boat was pretty easy, just tickets, passports, and several pieces of paper. Our boat (Costa Allegra) was parked next to Costa Classica which was bigger than ours. Not sure where they were going. We were welcomed and taken to our cabin. We spent quite a bit of time unpacking and found our cabin to be quite spacious for the four of us. The girls were particularly excited about sleeping on top bunks above mommy and daddy. We spent the rest of the day getting aquainted with the boat which didn't take too long since there are only 8 floors. More pictures about the boat on the following post.

The next day we were still in Singapore and wouldn't leave until that evening. We planned to take a nearby tram to Sentosa Island which is a tourist attraction. They have casinos, hotels, beaches, aquariums, and even and old fort. Our first stop was of course the aquarium. It was pretty small and you can walk through it relatively quick but we had to go since we are racking up as many aquariums as we can in our two years in Shizuoka. Here are a few pictures of us at the aquarium.

You can reach your hand in and feed/touch the fish
Etta sticking her head in a dome inside a tank

A tunnel with conveyor belt, so Asian
Lastly we watched a sea lion show
Etta checking out the goods in the gift shop
Fort Siloso was next to the aquarium so we figured we might as well see it. Fort Siloso is a coastal artillery battery and one of twelve coastal artillery batteries which made up ‘Fortress Singapore ’ at the start of World War II. It was the location the Japanese took over Singapore and later returned to the Allies.
One of the many replicas on the tour
A great view from the Island
The girls were happy to find a little playground just for them.
Wax figures reenacting the Japanese taking over Singapore
Further along the tour you see more wax figures enacting the Allies taking Singapore over from the Japanese.
Etta riding the bus from one part of Sentosa to the next

Since it was a hot day, we didn't mind the girls running around this little stream area. It was funny watching all the passerbyers taking pictures of the girls.
There was also a nature walk which was one of the few free things on the island. As we came in the girls were welcomed to sit down and color. It was pleasant until they started fighting over one particular crayon. So, we left. That was the beginning of our journey back to the boat which wasn't far from the island but seemed to take forever since the girls were past their done mark.

Early evening our cruise boat departed Singapore and started our two days at sea heading towards Makassar, Indonesia. I'll talk about life on the boat on the next post.

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