Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Makaino Ranch
We met a friend of ours at Fuji city where he lives. He wanted to join us on our day trip to Makaino Ranch because he enjoyed it the first time he went. 45 minutes to Fuji city then another hour to Fujinomiya.
A fun place for the kids! Our first stop was the ponies. There were two and both were extremely docile! They let us pet them without food in our hands. A pen with goats and leashes were next to the ponies. I saw a family walk off with one so I was curious. I asked Eric to read the sign, turns our you can rent a goat for 20 or 3o minutes for about $3. We got a chuckle out of that. We weren't sure we wanted to tie ourselves down with a goat and ushured the girls along.
We went into a building that housed bunnies and sheep. The girls both got to hold bunnies for a few seconds before the bunnies lost their patience.
I thought this made a fun picture
Pawan was nice enough to buy the girls some carrots to feed to the sheep. The sheep were more than happy to entertain the girls.

Four a couple of dollars a kid can ride a horse. We weren't about to spend the money on Chloe because she's backed out last second before. So, we decided to just let Etta go. This is her third horse ride and she loves it. But, Chloe had to pacify herself by trying on different helmets.

A beautiful day for viewing Mt FujiEric and Pawan a rare picture of Eric and I together

The goats were interesting. They freaked out Chloe (I suppose because they were at eye level, big, and in her face) and she took of running and screaming. Of course she fell a handful of times in the dirt and poop. I laughed during this even though Pawan was a little concerned for Chloe. You can tell he's not a parent yet.
They had some wallabies that you can go in and feed. They must have already had breakfast because they weren't interested in the food we had. Oh well, it was really fun getting close to them. Unfortunately all the pictures of them turned out so dark.
There were several parks throughout the ranch so we spent plenty of time hanging out at them.

This was a scary moment. Etta pushed the pedal and Chloe drove, need I say more?
Never seen this before

On our way back to Fuji city we stopped at a large waterfall. Etta insisted that she stay in the car while everyone else went. Of course I stayed with her while Chloe and the boys got to see the waterfall. By the looks of the pictures, it was beautiful.
We went to Pawan's favorite Indian restaurant near his home. He says he goes twice a week normally. I think he enjoys the good Indian food and gets to speak some Hindi. The food was great! I had saag paneer and prawn curry along with rice and naan. The girls devoured the naan, rice, and mango lassi. Of course the curry was too hot for them. The chef and waiter were great with the girls. They were both given little rings and an elephant key chain (of course from India). If we are going through Fuji again, I want to go back!


Jen said...

Great pictures! I love the picture of Etta on the swing, and also your new header picture. Looks like you had fun!

Tara said...

Wow, what pretty pictures! Looks like such a great time!

Debbie'sDailyDose said...

Love the waterfall picture and the one with the mountain in the background! Great views!

Jamie said...

that is one freaking sweet header picture!! the mt fuji pics are awesome ;)