Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Planning Another Vacation
Sorry I haven't been keeping up much with my blog lately. Between getting sucked into the Twilight series and keeping busy in general, I haven't had much time to sit down and write. I do try to post something daily on facebook.com but still that doesn't amount to much information. Ok, I'm forcing myself to sit down and type (while the girls splash loudly in the bathtub). On a side note, I really did enjoy the Twilight series!
One of the more recent exciting events around here is that Eric and I booked a cruise for December. We've been keeping an eye on last second cruises since this summer just to get a feel for how much they cost and what kind are available in Asia for families. One cruise line (Costa) in particular leaves and returns to the same destination which makes airline tickets much more reasonable. Recently I looked at the December cruises available and saw two different itineraries that looked pretty interesting and affordable. We particularly wanted to leave later in the month but airline tickets we obviously more expensive because it's around Christmas and New Years. Then we looked at going in the middle of the month going to Hong Kong and doing a round trip cruise. But, the cheaper cabins were gone and the airline tickets were still expensive. Hours later, we decided to miss some of Eric and Etta's school and go earlier in the month to get a super deal on cruise tickets and airline tickets.
We're doing a 14 day cruise starting from Singapore and going to Makassar, Komodo Island, Bali, and Jakarta Indonesia, then Malaysia, Phuket Thailand, then Kuala Lumpur. We'll stay two extra nights before and after the cruise in Singapore to ease the girls in and out of the cruise. The girls will need some down time before and after those flights too, 7.5 hours there and 6.5 hours returning. Ouch. We're not looking forward to that part of the trip.
The cruise line offers excursions at each place but of course they cost an arm and a leg so I'm spending a lot of my time looking at local companies that offer day/half trips at each of our stops. We'd like to see some of the local sites but also know how much the girls can and cannot take over a period of time out and about. I'm also salivating at the thought of some good cheap shopping. Too bad we won't be able to do Christmas shopping. The cruise doesn't end until December 26th! This will be a Christmas present to ourselves! The girls will just have to unwrap all the presents whenever we make it back to Shizuoka. Gives us more time for all the Christmas boxes to arrive from America. Thanks mom for planning so far in advance.
Ok, more on the trip to come and hopefully I won't wait so long before typing again.

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Tara said...

That sounds like so much fun!! We love going on cruises. :)