Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A day in Kakegawa
Aya and Riko have moved back to her parents' home during the last part of her pregnancy. She only has a couple weeks left now before An comes along. This is pretty common for Japanese women to do here. The parents help take care of any other kids as well as their pregnant daughter. Aya, Riko, and baby An won't be coming back until February when their new home is complete. That's so far away!
We made a day trip this Saturday to see them. We knew it would be one of the last chances to see Aya and Riko before our big trip next month. We ended up going to a huge park not too far from Aya's parents' house. Aya's mom was there to help out with Riko running around. Aya's sister and 7 month old little boy met us during lunch too. It was nice to hang out with friends. Here are some pictures of our afternoon together.
A portion of the park, not including the younger kid section
The roller slide was a hit
Etta having lots of fun coming down the roller slide
Why do kids insist on climbing up busy slides? I gave this kid the evil eye!
Aya's nephew, Haru-kun
Miss independent, she took off and never asked for help on anything. No fear.Riko and Chloe kept going down the slide together, they were so cute.A huge park and with only 4 swings (two for the really little kids). We spent a lot of time waiting to keep using the swing.
Poor Riko fell off and hit her head from the see saw. What are the odds of that?
Standing on swings is a big thing here, Etta is proud that she can do it herself.
This of a merry go round but with with little bikes, this was a hit, even though they didn't peddle. Other kids were more than happy to push or peddle by themselves.Chloe enjoyed the small swings, but not while Eric was playing photographer.
I'm sad I didn't get a picture of lunch. I brought some onigiri for the girls and a handful of sandwiches (egg salad, turkey with Cheddar, and PB&J) for Eric and I plus to share with the others. On the side, fresh fruit, steamed veggies topped with Parmesan and mayo then baked (so Japanese), and little sausages (popular kid food here). Of course Aya's mom brought food galore as well so we all shared what we had. It's fun trying homemade authentic Japanese food. I can infuse Japanese concepts in some dishes, but I can say they aren't authentic!
We had so much fun and it ended all too soon. We ended up going home hours after Chloe should have started her nap. Good thing both the girls napped like champs in the car, the traffic was horrible and it took us 2 hours to get home rather than the normal 1 hour.
Hopefully we'll get to meet baby An shortly after we return home from our cruise and the New Years celebration (a huge holiday here versus Christmas).


Jen said...

That's great that you were able to go see them! And that park is AMAZING. I'm so jealous. :)

Tara said...

I am always so impressed with how much fun those parks in Japan are!