Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Upcoming Shichi-Go-San Festival
Shichi Go San is an annual festival for kids ages 7 (shichi), 5 (go), and 3 (san) here in Japan. I've included two different links if you are interested in checking it out. November 15th is the actual date for most of the festivals but ours happens to be November 8th. Three and seven year old girls and three and five year old boys get to participate in this festival at their nearby shrine. It's supposedly drives evil from them and wishes for long life. Haaa, wish Chloe could partake in it! But, we see it as a great photo opportunity. Our neighborhood association leader (also our neighbor across the street) gave us information for a local kimono rental store (basically a wedding rental place). She told us to do it soon so we get our first choices in kimonos. We decided that we'll get both the girls kimonos for possible Christmas card pictures. Plus, more than likely we won't be here for Chloe to participate in Shichi Go San next year and may be our only chance to get her dressed up in a kimono.
We brought the camera with us because it's our first experience with kimonos. Here is what we experienced.

A section of kimonos for the 2-3 year olds. Renting a set ranged from about $80-$250 for three days.

It only took Etta a couple of minutes to pick this one. She was adamant that it was pink.

She wanted to take it home. She didn't understand that we weren't buying it that day.

It wasn't hard talking Chloe into the Hello Kitty kimono, it happened to be the cheapest one too!

The girls were being fitted for their kimonos. Etta's fit perfectly and they'll have to hem in a couple of places for Chloe since she's smaller.

Our new favorite picture of Chloe

We do have to purchase the special socks though at $10 a piece. Oh well, it's a special occasion!
It will be awhile before pictures of the festival are up on the site but thought all you Americans would enjoy seeing something so different (aka little white kids dressed in Kimonos).


Christi said...

We bought some of the socks when we visited Tokoyo over the summer. We thought they were neat looking.

Tara said...

The girls in their little kimonos are just adorable!!