Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ooya Undokai
The day after our Kyoto trip was our town's sports day. We happen to live in the Ooya section of Shizuoka and Ooya has neighborhoods. Our neighborhood is considered Youkodai. Each neighborhood has their own tent with their Kanji written on it. Our neighborhood representative had us sign up quite a long time ago. Eric would be doing the tug of war and Etta would be doing a bread race as well as another race.
We were pretty excited that my parents were going to be able to watch it. It was just outside our neighborhood at the elementary school so it wasn't a far walk. Eric had taken Etta early for the opening ceremony. My parents, Chloe, and I came about the time of Etta's first race. I kind of forgot about camera duty and was cheering on Etta. So, I have just a couple of pictures of the race.
Etta and Eric waiting for their turn

They ran to a hula hoop, put it over their head, stepped out of it, and ran for the finish line.
After each heat they would sit under the correct flag. I can't remember if she got fifth or sixth place in her heat.
Having a good time, especially since she got a snack bag for participating.
Next was the bread race
Etta in last place.
Halfway through they had to crawl through a ladder,
then get on their parent's back,
and using their mouth take the package of bread off the clip.
She didn't end up in last place, she took the bread off the clip pretty quickly.

I'm not sure which neighborhood our team was up against here. From my angle it could have been anyone's game. Youkodai is on the right and you'll notice Eric is second, right behind another American. Our neighborhood probably was the only one with Americans participating. A lot was riding on this, they won last year and wanted to remain tug of war champs.
Turns out, they won!
The tug of war would compete again at 1pm to challenge the other winners. Of course that's when Chloe naps so the kids, my parents, and I walked back home for lunch. Eric spent the afternoon watching the rest of the games and waiting for tug of war. I'm not sure if it was only one more competition or if it ended up being two, but Youkodai ended up winning. Woohoo. Eric won some ketchup and a huge bag of salt. Don't ask, I don't know why either. Those are things you just don't ask questions to, you just take the gift and say thank you.
Random cute picture of Etta watching other games

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I want a neighborhood sports day! That sounds like fun!!