Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Parents Arrive
Narita airport in Tokyo is a several hour drive from Shizuoka but we wanted to make it easier on them by picking them up. Since Eric is so much better at navigating he was designated to pick them up. It just so happened my parents were flying in the day a typhoon was coming in to Japan. My parents were lucky and landed shortly before the airport canceled flights. Not sure if they were redirecting flights and glad we didn't have to worry about it.
The girls were in bed long before my parents arrived and both my parents and the girls were super excited to see each other. Especially since it has been 14 months since seeing each other. But it was nice to see my parents and catch up with them without the interruption of the kids. My parents brought three suitcases, one designated for kids presents. My mom showed me everything in the suitcase and all I could think was, "My kids are going to be spoiled rotten by the time my parents leave." At least she is spreading out all the joy throughout their entire stay.
Since the typhoon was going to hit Shizuoka during the middle of the night, we were concerned about our planned trip to Kyoto the following day. We were planning on leaving first thing in the morning. Oh well, go to bed and worry about it in the morning.
The wind and rain was strong that night and woke both the girls up fairly early in the morning. I took them downstairs with a couple of books and was quiet not wanting to wake up my parents. We have set them up in the toy room and the doors were closed. Surprisingly the girls didn't ask about the doors being closed or about grandma and poppy. Next thing I know the doors slide open a few inches and the girls did the surprised look on their faces. It took them a few minutes to jump up and snuggle with grandma and poppy. After some snuggle time, grandma broke out the first round of presents. See below.

The rain and wind abruptly stopped and the sun came out. The forecast looked good and we decided to pack it up to head to Kyoto. To make the trip more bearable we stopped an hour away at Kakegawa to go to the bird zoo (kacho-en). This is the third time for Eric and Etta, second for Chloe and I, and obviously the first for my folks. Turns out that the best time to go is the morning after a typhoon! We were basically the only ones there. We thought the place was closed because of the lack of cars in the parking lot.
Etta wasn't feeding this one, but this one wanted food.
One of the many cute birds we fed.

Us with a penguin
Chloe really wanted to play with the penguin
The birds were hungry. Since we were the only ones feeding them they flocked to us!

Chloe pretty much stayed in someones arms the entire time.
This one liked my purse
Five birds!

Even Etta got into holding them. She kept asking for us to give her a bird. Had to convince the birds with food.
An action picture
Ok, not really sure of this.
But she really thought this was funny
Eric's favorite bird. He was very patient and kind so Eric particularly enjoyed giving this guy apple chunks
Eric and his friendly bird
Who'd turn down feeding Toucans?
Not me! However, their claws dug into the thin shirt.
A tall bird just walking around
Since we were the only ones in this particular room, the employee talked a lot to us and showed us some cool stuff. Like a peacock jumping for food. How cool is that?
The best for last, feeding Imus! My dad nearly got attacked. He quickly found out not to take the cup of food in with you otherwise they'll just peck the heck out of the hand holding the cup.
They picked up the fact my left hand had food in it and were eager to be fed. Etta would get one at a time and would put out her palm to feed them. A couple were nippy but otherwise it was fun feeding the Imus.
Eric feeding and taking a picture
We had a lot of fun at the bird zoo. We planned on leaving at about Chloe's nap time to make the drive slightly less painful. Turns out the toll road to Kyoto was closed for a large portion. Instead of taking just 3-4 hours, it took us about 6 hours to get to Kyoto from Kakegawa. Luckily the girls did great. They sat in the far back seats and my mom and I had our bench seat rotated around so we faced them the entire time. It made entertaining them that much easier.
More on our actual Kyoto trip soon. It's hard getting a large amount of free time to blog while my parents are here. But, we have tons of pictures and I have lots of things to blog about.

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Jen said...

That is so cool! Jade enjoyed looking at these too and asked if we could come visit. :) She misses you guys.