Sunday, October 04, 2009

Fun Activities
Etta is really into crafty things lately so occasionally I can find some stuff on One of the things I found was Aristocat face make cut outs. Of course she wanted to cut but I ended up do most of the work. However, she had all the fun when it was done.

Etta's also fallen in love with mazes. She had an entire workbook of mazes and finished it in one sitting. We've gone though all her coloring books and workbooks looking for any maze. She's done them all! We've resorted to printing them out (a lot of cute ones on the Disney site) but she finishes them in seconds. So, we've found some on we'll be ordering soon. If you have crafty ideas or great websites, let me know.
Just over 24 hours until my parents land in Tokyo! Probably won't post anything new until after our Kyoto trip. Hope it doesn't rain the entire time otherwise we won't have many pictures of the trip!

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