Tuesday, October 27, 2009

American Pop Culture Finds me in Japan
While in college I had no interest in reading Harry Potter books, they were for kids after all. Then one of my mentor teachers (in college) had recommended I read them. He said I might as well know what all the kids were into. So I started reading Harry Potter and began my love affair of reading Harry Potter books and watching the movies.
Same thing went for the Twilight books and movies. I hate hopping on the band wagon. However, I've been noticing a lot of my friends talking about the books and movies on facebook these last few months. But I still wanted to be immune to Twilight. Then, a friend of mine had sent me the movie. She advised me to read the book first because the movie is kind of cheesy. Ok, now I have the movie. Not good, especially with my will power (what will power?). That same day my parents arrived in Japan and my mom had brought the first Twilight book with her. She of course plans on leaving it behind for me if she finishes it by the end of the trip. I couldn't believe the Twilight book and a copy of the movie was in our house at the same time. Is it fate? My mom finished the book just the day before leaving and handed it over. I told her I'd start reading it as soon as I finished The Concubine's Daughter and The Strong Willed Child.
Two weeks went by and I had finished the books on my nightstand and was ready to start reading Twilight. Based on all the hoopla (is that even a word?) I kind of knew what to expect. But I didn't expect to be sucked in. Now that I sit back and think about the book, what girl/woman wouldn't be sucked in with that storyline? A super hot vampire wants you more than anything even though you are the girl next door. He fights internally about his natural desire to drink her blood and almost wants her to leave him just to keep her safe. As stupid as it may sound, it was great! It's like living in a fantasy while reading Twilight. It is not my favorite book in the world and it wasn't superior writing, but the storyline and characters were so much fun.
I spent three evenings in a row reading Twilight until I couldn't keep my eyes open. Of course I've been tired these past few days. But it was worth it. My mind was constantly wondering what was going to happen next. I am so glad I don't have the next book on hand otherwise I'd ignore everyone and everything I need to do around the house until finishing it. But mom, I wouldn't mind if you sent me New Moon as soon as you finish it. I'm looking forward to reading it.
On a slightly similar note, I'm now wondering if I'll have to pick between the Sookie Stackhouse books and Twilight books. I had asked for all the Sookie books I haven't read yet for Christmas. Boy am I going to be busy reading about vampires. I really liked the Sookie book I read (Dead to the World), a little more on the adult side but includes vampires and werewolves too. So if you liked Twilight and want to read some more books along those lines, check out the link. I can't comment on the HBO series True Blood which is based on the books, but I hear that's good too.
Now I wonder if I'll be watching the movie alone tonight or if my intense desire of reading the book has piqued Eric's interest in watching it with me?

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Jamie said...

Hey Christy,
You can save your mom some shipping and borrow our copies of the Twilight Series... Bryan just finished reading them! ;)