Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Trip to the Zoo
We hadn't gone to the zoo since the bike trailer accident. Not sure how many of you remember me posting about that. In April, we were just leaving our neighborhood by bike and Eric took a turn and hill too fast. It toppled the bike trailer and did a serious number on Etta's finger. Well, since that day Etta has been emotionally scared for the zoo. However, this time we told her we were driving and she was more than happy to go then.
Here are a few pictures of the zoo, but not many. We spend most of our time running after the girls or herding them to the next exhibit.
Chloe has taken a liking to pulling the wagon rather than riding in it.
the flamingos
our WILD children
We missed the elephant spitting a bunch of water at onlookers by about 5 seconds. One little girl broke down crying because she was so wet. Here's the elephant daring others to get close.

Chloe was the usual Crazy Chloe until lunch time. Full stomach usually means happy Chloe. Especially once ice cream is added into the equation.
Etta has been really good about picking out new stuff to eat. This one was great!
How many pictures of the girls eating ice cream do we have????


Chloe decided she wanted to pick this one up. However, much to fat for Chloe to pick up.
Chloe loves being a backpack. A very common way people around here carry their kids at times.
Not very exciting but thought you'd like to see some pictures of our outing. We left about nap time because Chloe was getting crazy again. Oh lord, only another week and two days before going to sit down with the speech therapist. Lets hope she has something good for us...and Chloe!

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