Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Trip to the Mall- S Pulse Dream Plaza
These pictures are even older than the aquarium pictures. Just before school started for Etta, we decided to make one more trip to the mall for the girls. They have an awesome play area for kids that we've gone to several times. During the week it's unlimited play for about $5 per kid. Unfortunately since it was summer hours we only got an hour. We were bummed about it, but the girls seemed to run themselves ragged the entire hour we were there. Here are some shots of the girls going from one thing to the next.

Massage chairs for the parents!

After our hour was up we went through the little arcade and dropped 500 yen (about $5) to win the girls each a little Care Bare. If you only get one, someone will freak out! Etta has since put hers on her school back pack and still talks about it.
We typically go to the supermarket on the first floor (yes, convenient to have supermarkets in the mall!) to pick up some form of lunch (onigiri, sushi, rice bowls, noodles, juice, or what not) but we went out on a limb and went to the crowded food court. How many times have we walked by and not noticed an Indian Restaurant? Eric and I couldn't pass it up. We ordered a red curry and one we had never heard of before with a side of Naan bread. It was delicious. Of course we knew the girls wouldn't partake in curry so we ordered them some ramen from a different place. The girls tried eating all our naan and then devoured the ramen noodles. To top it off, Eric found some super cheap soft serve ice cream. Everyone was happy. It was a nice afternoon.
On a side note, semi (cicadas) here are insane during the summer. Luckily, they are dying off and don't really hear them anymore. But, several weeks ago we saw one flying in the backyard and stopped dead in its tracks. We saw some struggling in the tree so we went to check it out at the window. Sure enough a praying mantis caught the sucker. He worked on this guy for quite a long time. We had fun watching and wondering how the praying mantis ended up so lucky or the cicada so unlucky.


Jen said...

You got a couple really cute shots of Chloe!! I wish we could visit and go to these fun places with you...I would be right there beside you in one of those massage chairs. :)

Jill said...

They seem to have some really neat places for the kids to play over there. The massage chairs looks awesome!! I take it they must clean they places really good?? I see all those kids. . and think germs germs . . ;)