Friday, September 25, 2009

Tama Hills
We stayed two nights at the Tama Hills military facilities outside of Tokyo. This is the first time the Yamadas have seen anything military like. I'm sure it was all foreign to them. There is miniature golf, a large playground, picnic areas, baseball fields, archery, stables, the hotel and lodge, and the cabins. We stayed in the cabins for two days.
Since we weren't at Tama all that much in two days we didn't get to do too much. The kids of course spent a good portion of their time playing at the playground because it's full of different slides. Our second day at Tama was our only opportunity for the kids to take pony rides. Seeing that Riko and Chloe both took forever to go down for a nap, they were still asleep about the time the pony rides ended that day. Thirty minutes before the end of the day Etta and I headed over to the stables. Noah was the only other awake and old enough to go. Here are just a few of the many pictures I took.

After nap time the kids were rejuvenated. Here are three of them playing with a few of the squirt guns we brought along.
We some how convinced them to water the plants rather than us...didn't always work.
The kids cleaned one of the doors to the cabin
The Gamaches was right next to ours, getting ready to grill for dinner
Eric grilling one of our favorites, honey mustard chicken
Gabe and Benjamin
Etta asked to go to bed, here she is in little pajamas in the cold
One of the few family photos
Our last photo at Tama before heading to Yokota AB
We wanted to take the Yamadas to Yokota AB to show them around as well as to take them to the newly opened Chili's on base. It took much longer to get there than usual which made all the kids on the cranky side. But, it was time for lunch so we went straight to Chili's. The Yamadas were shocked to see the plate sizes delivered to everyone and so were we. It's been a long time since seeing American food. They both ordered hamburgers and I can't even tell you what we ordered. But, lunch was good.
They even got to see where we stay on base which is basically the towers just like a lot of other military people. One tower just happens to be for temp living facilities. We were hoping to have the Yamadas stay for dinner but Hiro unfortunately picked up a cold and wasn't doing so well by the end of the day. The ended up heading back to Shizuoka to get home and to some medication. We had a good time. We also ended up staying right next to some friends of ours in the tower. How funny! We ended up doing Pizza Hut with them which was nice. It's always great catching up with friends that you don't see often.

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