Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kuno's Undo-kai (Kuno's Sports Day)
Kuno Youchien has been preparing for the undo-kai for a good two weeks now. We've had to drop Etta off at the elementary school several times for the kids to prepare for the sports day for the entire Kuno area. Kuno is a small farming community that neighbors our section of Shizuoka. Seeing as this was out first 'sports day' I wasn't sure what to expect. It ended up being a lot bigger than I expected.
We arrived several minutes late and everyone acted as if they were rushed because of it. Funny seeing as Etta ended up sitting around for a good 10 minutes before anything began. Here are several of the girls entertaining themselves before the opening ceremony.
I didn't realize it, but the elementary school was apart of it and they actually went throughout the entire day. Unlike our portion which ended about lunch time. Luckily the youchien was the biggest portion of the morning. But we did get to see some cool relays for the elementary school students.

Here all the kids warm up with stretching
Here was Etta's first event. I can't remember what it's called in Japanese but her class tries to throw as many little balls into this basket. The older the group of kids the higher the basket stands. I think there were a total of 6 groups against each other.
So focused! Not sure she got any balls into the basket though. She's really good at throwing straight, not up.
To no surprise Etta's class got the least amount of balls. They are only 3 and 4 years old!

Chloe keeping entertained with friends' binoculars. Hmm, backwards?

It's so funny!

Chloe fell in love with Robby today. She kept asking for him the rest of the day.
Chloe stretching, looking like a sumo wrestler

We really enjoyed watching this one. This is for adults of the Kuno area. Men were tied together in teams of 5 and women in teams of 4. It was a relay race and was fun to see the groups that were in sync and kicking butt.

two groups of ladies going by

Break time for the kids. Getting ready for their upcoming dance.

Almost time to dance!
This is Etta's class performing for everyone

After Etta's dance, the two upper youchien classes had their dance number and sword fight.

Etta's class came back out wielding some flags for some more moves.

She was performing for mom and dad!

Yes, she's dirty. A problem with a dirt field.

We watched a huge relay race with the elementary students. There were two teams. The first two girls rode unicycles down the field, around cones, back to the other end of the field, around another cone, and back to the team to pass off a little hoop. Two more girls rode unicycles the same way. Then they passes off to guys walking in stilts. Yeah! Two sets of guys did the same run around the cones. Then passes to kids doing a three legged race. Then there were 3 kids tied together. It just kept going, it was insane. I've never seen anything like it. Does America do sports days in elementary school anymore? I remember those days, they were always fun.

Next the youchien had their races.

A parent had to go with each kid from Etta's class. Eric went with her. They were quite slow, but Etta smiled the entire time!
Etta's class snuggling
Before the closing ceremony for the youchien, all the young kids not involved in undo-kai were allowed to race to bags of snacks. At first Chloe threw a tantrum not wanting to go. Then I asked her if she wanted candy. That set her straight and she went with Eric to participate.

getting focused

I'm going to get that bag!

all mine!

Then Etta's class got to participate in running for snacks. These were some of the best pictures taken of the day.

no sharing with Chloe!
Closing ceremony. Notice everyone else bored, then there is Etta.

Chloe was completely pooped out by the end so we left as quickly as possible. We all had lunch, bathed, then Chloe napped like a champ. It was a fun day and I'm kind of sad we won't be here to participate in next years. I'd love to see Etta do the sword fight like the bigger kids got to do.

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