Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fuji Q High Land
This past week has been a long vacation for us and most of the Japanese. We planned quite some time ago a trip with Aya and her family for Tama Hills, a military recreational facility. It's about a three hour drive from Shizuoka and we wanted to break up the drive a little. About two hours from Shizuoka, and near Mt Fuji, there is an amusement park called Fuji Q High Land. The main attractions are obviously not for the young families, but they do have Thomas Land.
A section of the amusement park is just Thomas attractions. Neither of the girls know much about Thomas, but since it is geared towards kids we thought that everyone would have fun. We were right! We had to pry our girls from the employees holding about 50 Thomas the train balloons that ran between 800-1500 yen. People, that's $8-$15 a piece! The girls talked about it the entire time. I kept thinking if I let them pick one out each, they would pick the biggest and most expensive ones. Uggg. Later Eric convinced the girls to get something for a vending machine instead. Thinking they were trains in there, we were dissapointed when a train station came out for Chloe and piece of track came out for Etta. Oh well, saved a few dollars. Except now the girls are asking for the rest of it.
Anyway, we found a couple of rides the kids all wanted to go on and that wasn't many. Most of the rides were for 3 or 4 and up. Seeing that Riko and Chloe don't meet the requirement most of the time, we spent a good portion of the afternoon just walking around and checking everything out. The girls had such a good time. Check out the picks below.

The girls waiting for their ride, notice I didn't include the word 'patiently'
The girls are waiting to take off Etta was in charge of pushing the button to go up and Chloe seemed to like the down button.
Riko and Hiro were riding in front of us.

Just as a side note about this ride. We were in line for probably 20 minutes and we watched the attendant to the ride each time. He'd greet each person with a smile as they went through the gate, he clapped to the music as the kids went around on the ride, and then he knelt down to say good bye as each left the gate. Now, can you imagine anyone doing that in America? Not I. That's one thing I love about Japan, the service here is great! Except when there is a communication problem with the language barrier, that's a whole other subject.
Etta of course found a little maze to run around. One of her new favorite things to do, in person or on paper. Below is a picture of a structure you can climb up and see your way out. Kept Chloe busy for a good 20 minutes or so.

My favorite shot of Chloe lately

After lunch we decided to ride the train. Again, service is crazy! There were several trains and each conductor would arrive waving his hand and saying some greeting (that I couldn't distinguish).

Very excited
Riko too!
a cute pair
Etta's not too sure about this train...
A nice painting on the train route
Etta decided she needed to ride in the stroller and Riko pushed. By this point passed out into my arms. She wore herself out running around.
While walking around the rest of the park (us grown ups at least wanted to look at all the huge scary roller coasters and say if we would ride them or not if the kids weren't around) we came across this guy pictured below. He came up behind Hiro and scared him half to death. What a crazy job. Yes, he is completely silver. Got lots of peoples' attention though.

We ended the park with a wonderful ice cream, which Chloe missed out on since she was still sleeping. It was a short hour drive the rest of the way to Tama Hills. Chloe had her first throw up in a long time going to the amusement park. Once we got there and I got out her spare outfit (I'm prepared now) I found her motion sickness pill in her car seat. The bugger didn't eat it when we left Shizuoka. Go figure. The next time I gave her the pill I asked her if she remembered throwing up. She nodded her head. I then told her it was because she didn't take the pill, if she took it this time she wouldn't throw up. She then ate it. Crazy kids.
Well, more on the rest of our trip soon. I need to break it up a little.

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Jen said...

Fun! Jade inherited a bunch of Thomas track and trains from my brothers...she plays with it very rarely though. :)