Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Day Trip to Gamagori and Takeshima Aquarium
Yes, another aquarium. We're up to 9 different aquariums since moving to Japan. Two Saturdays ago (this is long overdue) we got up early to make the two hour dive to Gamagori. The girls were pretty good while they ate their breakfast and watched movies. They were ready to get out of the car by the time we arrived at Takeshima Aquarium. It didn't look like much from the outside, and was quite small, but it was a nice aquarium none the less.
Takeshima aquarium isn't large but had some different animals on display compared to what we have seen here in Japan. The girls really enjoyed it because it was easy for them to run from one exhibit to the next and see practically everything at their eye level.
Here's Chloe checking out some clownfish. Funny how all aquariums now have 'Nemo' fish. Good thing too because Chloe gets all excited and picks out Nemo and Dori fish.
This was a great tank, it had tons of little rays and snakes swimming around. One side was glass so the little kids could watch and all the taller people could look in from the top. Etta really liked this tank.
This turtle made Eric and I laugh, we called him the loch ness monster.
Sorry I can't give any names for things I take pictures of, everything is in Japanese. Downside of living in a foreign country, always being ignorant! We then spent a good chunk of time feeding some small and large sea turtles. I have video of that but haven't uploaded it yet, I'll post that soon (promise).
A sea lion show was about to start so we made our way to the stadium...I mean stands. To give you an idea of just how small it was, it was only four steps up and maybe twenty feet long. We had to stand so more people could get a view of the show and kids were allowed to stand at the glass wall and watch. More laid back than any other aquarium we've been too.
While we waited for the show to start

Here's the star of the show
He did lots of tricks, balancing, retrieving things from the pool, jumps, and lots of sliding on stage. It was an incredibly small pool and I was surprised he could even get enough speed to jump and flip in the air. Hopefully some of that will show up in the video.
After running through the aquarium one more time we stopped by a video arcade next door. We tried one game to see if I could win any candy for the girls, but no such luck. Oh well, the girls didn't need any candy anyway! (mom does like to deliver though)
Just a few minute walk from the aquarium is a little island called Takeshima. We wanted to see what was there so we walked across and found a shrine up many steps. We didn't really get any good pictures of the shrine since everything is close up and covered in trees.
I did get pictures of Eric and Chloe though!
The girls love the beach so we stopped to play in the water for a few minutes before leaving the island.
Here is the view back to the mainland
Chloe decided she did not want to play on the beach, she opted for the rocks. Not a smart girl.
Etta and I had tons of fun looking at all the cool shells washed up on the beach. Etta particularly enjoyed getting into the water.
We brought several of our favorite shells home.
It was well past lunch time and Chloe kept reminding us of it. We had seen an Indian restaurant on our way from the toll road to the aquarium and wanted to give it a try. Funny how someone had just previously had asked me what I missed most about American and one of the answers was Indian food. We had a great meal at this newly opened Indian restaurant. They were even wonderful with the kids. They brought them free juices when we ordered and at the end brought them free ice cream. Didn't hurt that Eric's and my lunch was oh so yummy (don't get me started on the Naan bread, dang just typing it made me hungry).
After lunch we headed home. Took a little while but both the girls fell asleep for a good portion of the ride home. Ahhh, piece and quiet, just what mommy likes in the car. I may have taken a little nap myself, which almost never happens.


Jen said...

Looks like a fun trip! I think it's cute you tried to win them candy. Every time we go to Chuck E Cheese, Dan and I try to win Jade enough tickets to get a good prize! :)

Cat said...
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Vicki said...

Fun! The pictures of you and Chloe were beautiful, by the way.