Friday, August 21, 2009

we headed for Tokyo after our afternoon at Enoshima Aquarium. A little over an hour later we arrived at the New Sanno, a military hotel. Here is a picture of Eric's skillfull parking. I had to get out and help navigate him in without hitting posts or vehicles.
We were fortunate to get a room for two nights last second (again). But, since it was last second we got a Twin Suite the first night and would have to move over to a Family Room for the following night. Here's a picture of the Suite.
family room looking at the twin beds
closet (amazing) then bathroom to the right
The twin suite was amazing! We were planning on staying only two nights, then head back to Shizuoka for Etta's swim lesson, then leave for Yokota AB the following day. We thought that was a little too much driving in a matter of two days so we asked if their was a room available for one extra night. Turns out we could just stay in the family room for an extra day. Woohoo. Another day in Tokyo.
We spent the first evening in Tokyo swimming at the hotel pool and then with Etta napping on the floor until dinner. The girls were exhausted from the aquarium, pool, and lingering colds. So much so that Etta didn't wake up until 9:45 the following morning. Even with Chloe running around the suite, Etta continued sleeping. We didn't want to wake her since we knew she wasn't feeling great. Unfortunately we had made plans with our friends to meet them at Ueno Park that morning. It was about 10:45 by the time we made it to the park and then Eric couldn't reach James with his Korean cell phone. Go figure, so we never met up with them that day. We did end up going to a seven story toy store (where everything was expensive) and we bought one thing for Etta. A matching set of fork, spoon, and chopsticks for Etta's school bento bag.

Here are the kids having fun with a train set
We played at Ueno park. Of course the day we go, the Ueno Zoo is closed. Go figure. But there is a little area with an ice cream shop and rides. The girls would not let up so we gave them the opportunity to pick out two rides each as well as ice cream cones.
Eric with the girls on the Dumbo ride
Me and the girls on this ride
Eric was able to get in touch with one friend from Monterey also currently in Tokyo and met up with him at the National Museum of Nature and Science there in Ueno Park. I would have really enjoyed the art museum, but we figured the girls would be less than interested. We wondered around for as long as the girls could and enjoyed the museum (would have enjoyed it more if I could read and take my time looking around). We headed back to the hotel for the girls to nap, which they both did wonderfully. We met up with Gunso again for dinner and found a great Indian restaurant down the street from our hotel. The girls stuck to rice while Eric and I enjoyed sag chicken, tandori chicken, and lamb vindaloo. Oh how I've missed Indian food.
The second day in Tokyo we were determined to meet up with the Ross'. Unfortunately James had work so we met up with Christi and the kids at the Shinagawa Aquarium.
90 minutes door to door, three different train rides later, we finally met up with them! We went straight for the dolphin show. Another small tank but the show was standard. Here are some pics.

I don't think the kids saw much of the show, they were entertaining themselves.

a great tunnel!
The kids checking out large crab
at the touching pool, fighting over over star fish
Ashley and a star fish
our favorite exhibit, the spotted seals
Chloe getting as close as she can
Etta with her best friend from Monterey
Looking at the spotted seals
feeding time
the kids watching a seal swim past
Etta and Ashely
Etta having fun
Etta on top and Chloe on bottom
Chloe is tired and taking up her normal pose...on the ground
Two great white sharks...large and scary looking
We missed the sea lion show because the place was packed when we got to the seating. Oh well, we enjoyed the aquarium regardless of a Chloe melt down. We sent Christi and the kids back to the hotel in a taxi and we started our journey back. Only one train then got a taxi the rest of the way. Wow, only took 20 minutes versus the 90!
We spent the rest of the day pooling and relaxing. Instead of trying to see more the next morning before checking out, we decided to enjoy the American breakfast buffet and swim some more. The girls had a lot of fun with the down time and we didn't have to worry about taking sick kids everywhere. We have some ideas for our next trip to Tokyo, one of them being the Ikebukaro Sunshine Aquarium. We are up to 8 different aquariums in the last year, we can make it to 10 soon!
We left for Yokota AB after our Tokyo trip. Luckily it was just over an hour drive. We've been at Yokota the last couple of days for medical appointments. Turns out Chloe has an ear infection and is now on medication. I have a sensitivity to latex and is part of my hand problem. Eric's got the thumbs up on the dermatologist, no need to remove any odd looking moles. We are heading back to Shizuoka in a few hours. Hope the place isn't mildew infested like when we returned from Okinawa. Ewwww.


Jen said...

I like the tunnel and viewing windows. What has been your favorite aquarium so far?

Christy said...

So far, I'd have to say the Shimoda Aquarium on the Izu Peninsula is my favorite. But, nothing can compete with the Monterey Aquarium. It was awesome for kids!