Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Days at Okuma Beach, Okinawa
My last blog left in the middle of our first full day at Okuma Beach. I have since gotten the videos edited and wanted to add them to the appropriate place. Here's one the coresponds with the previous post.


After riding the bike and playing on the playground in the brutal heat and humidity, we decided to have some lunch. We went to the restaurant there on the beach and was pleasantly surprised with the lunch selection and the prices, not to mention the wonderful feeling of AC.
Here's Etta and her new Japanese pose.

Outside the restaurant, the doors are flanked by these lions. Every time we went Chloe darn near molested them. Fingers in the nose and eyes as well as hugging and kissing.

Right outside the restaurant is a 9 hole miniature golf course. Our last experience with putt putt didn't go well with the kids so we were pessimistic. However, Etta was adamant that we play and we still had two hours before our next room would be ready. Other than being sweaty hot, it was a lot of fun. The girls enjoyed several of the holes; putting the balls into pipes and watching a hole in one.

When we went to drop off the golf stuff we lucked out and our room was ready early. Another suite for us...sweet! Chloe got in a little nap and we cooled off in the AC. The rest of the day was spent playing at the beach and cooling off in our room.
Here's our view from the room at dinner time, yummy grilled burgers and hot dogs.

We ended up moving rooms again the following day, this time we stepped down into a studio. It was just like a hotel room with a little fridge and microwave. Not horrible, but after the's kind of a let down. But, we still enjoyed ourselves at the beach as always. We had the same room for two nights so it was much easier on us not having to pack up everything and wait several hours for a room change. We spent more time on the beach (have I mentioned the kids love the beach) and even went for a glass bottom boat ride to see the coral and fish just off the beach. It was pretty much relaxing time for us before moving on to our next place.
Chloe loves chips, then again who doesn't?

Bubbles sure are entertaining

Travel to the beach to spend hours playing with a faucet, should have known.

it's like being in Hawaii
We brought smores ingredients but it seemed the girls only wanted the chocolate. We finally stopped giving them the marshmallows and crackers.

That sums up our stay at Okuma. A lot of sun, beach, BBQing, and putt putt golf for us. It was pretty nice not having to run from one activity to the next. Here are a couple videos of us at Okuma. The first is of Etta running around the little maze. I don't think I could count the number of times she went through on my fingers and toes alone. She loved it. Eric moves fast so you may get dizzy while watching this.


Fun at Okuma Beach

On our way from Okuma to Torii Staion, we stopped at the Okinawa Aquarium. That will be in the following post. Way cool!

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Jennifer said...

Looks like tons of fun! We are looking into staying at the beach 3 or 4 of the days we're there. It's funny you mentioned s'mores as I was thinking about getting the stuff to make them for the Tama Hills gathering. Can't wait to hear about the aquarium...I watched a Discovery show on it being built. I'm really looking forward to taking Noah there!